10 more perish in Diamir flash floods

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Gilgit, August 12: At least ten people were killed at Nilubar village of Khanar valley, near Chilas, after a flash flood triggered by lightening and thunderstorm hit the area.

According to media reports the floods occurred while the people were asleep. Some newspapers put the death toll at around 30, a tragic news that is yet to be confirmed.

The village is disconnected from other parts of the region due to inundation of roads. Search and rescue teams could not reach the valley earlier according to media reports.

The government of Gilgit – Baltistan has announced that due to unprecedented destruction in the region development activities may not take this year. GB government has also asked the federal government for a relief and compensation package amounting to 10 billion rupees to be able to cope with the devastation caused by recent rains and floods.

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