[PICTORY] The Disaster at Attabad (Ghareyat)

What used to be the Hunza river is now filled with mountain debris, at Attabad

Photographs by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Thank you Pamir Times for such a great effort to keep in touch with latest about Hunza, and I pray May Allah give courage to all those families who have lost their loved one, and may rest those souls in peace which are lost. Amen

  2. Thanks ,

    Hum aaj sarey HUNZA waley milkar un ki madat karni cheyah .

    Aur jo iss saniha main apne jaan kho bethain hain Allah Tallah se Dua hey k un ko Jaant-ol-firdause naseeb karey.

    Mashgoll Alam

  3. what a shoking news this was. All Hunzaies are with our those brothers and sisters who have lost their parents, children,brothers and sisters. Nothing can be done at this time . we can only pray to Allah that he bless them with Jannat Al firdous and power of patience and SHUKR to live family. In this time of AAZMAISH. all hunzaies are humbelly requested to come forward and play thier role to help their brthers and sisters. This is our golden tradition. Thanks

  4. Indeed a very big loss to the area. What we can do is to just pray for our effected brothers and sisters, and for the departed soul. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE THEIR SINS AND GIVE THEIR SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. And quick recovery for the wounded ones.

  5. I am hunzai,at this difficult moment we have to help the people who are in difficult situation,we have to pray for all the peoples who died in this disaster and helped the people of attabad. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE THEIR SINS AND REST IN INTERNAL PEACE.

  6. i am junaid,from this difficult moment we are with the people of attabad.we have to pray for the people of attabad……may allah help the people and forgive their sins and rest in internal peace.

  7. This is a calamity where we should all help and contribute to mitigate. One does not need to belong to the area to feel the pain. Most of us have visited these blissfull valleys and will Inshahlah continue doing so – these mountains have a right over us. May God keep the people there from further pain – and may He make the draining of the lake safer and controlled.

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