Khunjrav – Karachi peace walkers participate in Peace Conference, in Multan

Ejaz Rumi and Asghar Rumi sharing their message of universal peace at the National Peace Conference held in Multan.

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  1. Dear Peacers
    The two constituencies of Gilgit city require your need and effort and it is useless to roam around in the name of preaching peace. you may be aware that sectarian elements again won the GBLA elections in both the constituencies in spite of large presence of national media and mainstream political parties. if you want peace in yourt area then work there to neutralize the city which may cost heavy.
    Restless Soul

  2. It is wonderful demonstration to convey message peace importance to the national and international communities. It is massage for especially the big powers (big bulls) to avoid to intervention through the force of wealth and power. The uncertainty, tension, destruction is gift by them because according to the international relation no one is yours friend and enemy yours interest is yours friend while loss is your enemy. So it is not only massage for national level, actually it is massage to the international communities to increase love, prosperity, passion and tolerance through their positive policies.

  3. i never saw such guys with high ambitions and great zeal. i hope and pray for your success. may god be with u guys all the time.

    sartaj shani

  4. Dear Ajaz and Asgar, It gives me immense pleasure to know about successfuly completion of your noble cause walk accross Punjab and your entrance into Sindh province.we are pride of you gays for spreading the massage of peace accross Pakistan and to the world. We Pakistanis are peace lovers, but unfortunitly the enimies of Pakistan has created unrest and terreism in our peaceful country.The step taken by the young gays is important and if every citizen pay their role for peace;our country will become a peaceful country.So gays we pray for your successful completion of mission.

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