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Historical reception for Wazir Baig in Hunza – Nagar

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Karimabad, December 14: People of Hunza – Nagar came to the roads to greet first speaker of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig, today, as he started his first tour of Hunza, after being elected as speaker of the house. technocrat member of GBLA, Mutabiat, Shah, at the Nasirabad bridge, as they reached Hunza today on first day of their two days tour of the region.

At Jaffarabad leaders of the Nagar community presented floral garlands to the speaker and congratulated him for bringing the honor to Hunza – Nagar district. The technocrat member of GBLA, Mutabiat Shah, along with PPP’s local leadership and hundreds of local notables and public greeted Wazir Baig at Nasirabad Bridge and welcomed him to Hunza. He was accompanied by Muhammad Ali Akhtar, GBLA member from Nagar 1, LA – 4.

The speaker was taken to Karimabad, in the form of a procession by hundreds of people, riding dozens of vehicles.

At Karimabad Wazir Baig thanked his voters and the people of Hunza for electing him as their representative. He also thanked the PPP’s leadership for making him speaker of the assembly. He further said that concrete efforts would be made to resolve all outstanding issues of Hunza valley. In an earlier interview to the press he had said that the culprits of corruption at Sost Port will be brought to justice.

Mutabiat Shah thanked PPP’s leadership and his supporters for electing him as a technocrat member from Hunza valley. He reiterated his resolve to work closely with Wazir Baig to solve different issues facing Hunza valley.

Tomorrow the two leaders of Hunza valley are scheduled to visit Gulmit and Sost, in Gojal vlley. They would address public gatherings in Gojal.

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  1. The party that came to power thru the nro is talking about corruption. This is joke of the century. Wazir baig should stop wasting time of the people. If he is really interested about rooting out corruption then he should join another political party or ask the most corrupt man in the country to step down from the presidency.

  2. Congratulation to the first GBLA speaker Mr. Wazir Baig and first GBLA technocrat member Mr. Mutabiat Shah from Hunza and we hop you will hard work for GB and especially for additional seat of Hunza Gojal Keep it up your straggles.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  3. Excellent…. Now we wish that a serious accountability would be made against the Previous members of GBLA and District Council members particularly in Sost Dry Port, Karimabad Road, Kamaris-Ghulkin Road, Chiporsun Road, Ghizerabad Bridge etc. Actions must also taken against people involved with Ghazanfar i.e. Iman Shah, Rehan Shah, Shabaz Khan and others

  4. My best wishes to Mr. Wazir baig and Mr. Mutabiat Shah. I hope that they will inculcate community friendly values in assessing needs and aspirations of people of G-B in the development plans. Its also vital to make policy reforms to encourage local level organizations to participate in planning and implemetation of grass-roots projects ( ecnomic, social, cultural and environmental ) which has the potential to demonstarte tangible results.


  5. we on behalf of psf gulmit conratulate both wazir and mutabyat shah
    we expact that they will solve the problem of the nation of hunza and gojal to some extent.and we are really appereciating the decision of pp to give the tecnocrat sit for the scatterd gojal valley
    nara nara nara bhutoo
    jeya jeya jeya bhutoo
    zinda hai bibi zinda hai
    bhutto tera janisar beshumar beshumarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. we on behalf of psf gulmit conratulate both wair and mutabyat shah
    now we believe that the leadership became in right hand
    yes both leaders have all the quqlities which a leafer shuld posses
    and we furtherly expact tahe they will use their special efforts for the developmet of hunza and gojal it seems possibilities to give a seperate sit for the scattered gojl valley
    nara ya bhutto jeya bhutto
    zinda hai bibi zinda hai
    butto tera janisar beshumar beshumarrrrrrrrrrr
    Abdul Rahman Ahdbery
    Gulmit Gojal Hunza

  7. I appreciate the people of Hunza for warm welcome of speaker of GBLA Mr.wazir baig and mutabiat shah in this snow fall season. Now they are the representers of Hunza valley,Mr.wazir baig get another opportunity or may be his last opportunity in this region if he follows his past expereinces, now its a good time to fulfil your promises in respect of development and additional seat for Hunza.

  8. may i ask what was so “historical” about this reception?how can “hundreds” of people ride in a dozen vehicles?unless they are twenty foot trucks.

  9. Congratulation to Wazir, Mutabiat and most welcome. we asssure that they will utilize their capabilities and develop a team in order to represent hunza. Although i am not your voter but i really appreciate teh Govt. to elect Mutabiat-an educated hunzukutz as technocrat.

  10. Congrates to Wazir Baig for being elected as the speaker of the house and my wishes to Mutabiyat Shah Sb for tecnocrate seat. as Wazir Baig has pointed out that the culprits of the Sost port will be brought to justice, they should be brought. they have made their treasure full from the publics fund and they have made the public fool and have done their job. i mean the party of Ghazanfar and his son. they are the culprits, they should give back the fund of the public.

  11. Maybe it was a ‘historic visit’ for Wazir Baig because its a first for him but otherwise most wedding processions are more crowded than this.

  12. Many many congratulations to Uncle Mutabiat Shah and Wazir Baig Sahab.

    All the very best for the new assignment.

    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  13. welcome Mr.Wazir Baig GBLA Speaker n technocrat member Mr. Mutabiat Shah at Sost.

    Best Wishes

    Roomi Farht Beig Sostiq

  14. @tariq baig
    why does anyone not mention the chinese involvement in the sost port?why are u out to get ghazanfar etc?the answer is obvious.this is just political point scoring on your part.stop wasting time of public and tell your leaders to fullfill the promises they have made to the ppl of hunza.if somebody was serious about the port they would question chinese involvement as well.they are not from the seventh heaven.i don’t know why we have to worship outsiders be them from abroad or down country and always try to hold the moral high ground when it comes to our ppl.thats just hypocrisy.
    we need to stop doing chamcha gairi of foreigners,ngo heads,federal ministers etc.ppl in hunza need to develop a spine and make their own identity and make their presence felt on the national and provincial levels.playing second fiddle willl not get us anywhere.

  15. Already, I conveyd the ritual words and sentences to the People.
    Once again the same to both of YOU. Here I am endorsing few of my suggestion ignoring the relations of MIR & PEPLA. I do agree on the basic principles of Late Bhuttos and Personally i own from the heart of mine the basic idea of the PPP. So, I do respect for that and dint of that cause-being from the land of Hunza my suggestion for both of them are as:

    —-Working relations in very broder aspects should not dominate any personal and other ways as it is very common today.

    —–Village level commmittee formations for idetifying the major requirements of the villages.

    —-A higher committee should secrutinise all such requirements on priority basis. This team should be of expertise level.. They have the background of the Govt. machinery and set up with complete financial background of the budget etc.

    ——Setting long and short term targets for sustainable approach basis.

    ——The above committee should chalkout the area of JVs-Joint ventures in between the NGOs Imamati Institutions and Govt. related Department in GB and Federal basis institutions.

    ——A very comprehensive team of professional, should be involved in monitering and evoluation of the projects & a very technical cum financial presentation be compulsery for the team on the end of every financial year. This should be circulated through the electronic plus other media for the public comments.

    —–In the light of those public comments and the final report prepared by this committee next year plan should be designed.

    ——In the end a special request from the Speaker Mr. Wazir Baig & Mr. Mutabiyat Shah to plan a very realistic and holistic strategy for the Soost Dry Port. How, the finance be taped for the welfare of the vally and GB. Imeediate actions is required on National Level among the two Nations-pakistan & China addressing the welfare of the People of Soost at large.

    Baig Ali Toojik
    OGDCL, Islamabad.

  16. @ Rehmat
    As you have pointed out here that we couldn’t realize the Chinese involvement in the Sost dry port, you are exactly right that we can’t made them go, but they have the right to be involved in the Sost port because they have built it and Ghazanfar and his son have made their house and hotel full from that money. Now that Ghazani has no any tension regarding money because he and his son has made corruption in every field. so they are the culprits of the public. we have promised to bring them to justice and we will come through this promise.
    Jiye Bhutto
    Jiye awam

  17. Dear Tariq Baig,

    before the construction of the dry port, did ghazanfar and his son not have a hotel or house to live in? let me shed some light on your idioticy …. their hotel was built in 1996 (10 years before the port was) and their house was built in 1945 (before your birth). So please talk sense.
    additionally, why dont you go and try saving mr. zardari and party from their historic corruption which was un-earthed yesterday? then we can talk about everyone else.
    good luck.

  18. @Uyum

    We alraedy know that these hotels were constructed far before the Port. We also know how these constructions were made possible.

    Here we are discussing local level issues and events and in order to discuss the corruptions of Zardari you will find hundreds of other platform. We have to discuss these allegations primarily against Nazir Sabir, Wazir Baig and other present and previous reps in Gilgit-Baltistan. If you want to say anything to defend the culprits in Port issue that you must share and open for debate.

  19. @tariq baig
    you are being a hypocrit.when it comes to chinese involvement you say that you can’t make them go because they made it etc.for your information without ghazanfars contacts this port would have never been established in the first place.
    before looking at anyone else try to save mr.zardari.his name will go in guiness book of world record for making so more then a billion dollars without having “any source of income.”
    “jeeyay bhutto.NRO khappay”

  20. @Kiran Shah
    How can you declare anyone a “culprit”. Has anyone been declared a culprit by any court? This one sided media campaign needs to be made impartial. Let the courts decide.
    There will be no end in discussing allegations against Nazir Sabir, Wazir Baig, and Ghazanfar. I think it would be easier to list who did what for Hunza in terms of development etc.That is something which cannot be disputed.
    I just pray that the elected represantitives do something for our region in constructive terms. After some time people get tired of hearing blame game and want results. A prime example is the federal government which keeps on saying that we inherited all our problems from the pml q government.
    At the end of the day people want Results.

  21. Congratulation to the first GB speaker Mr. Wazir Baig and first GB technocrat member Mr. Mutabiat Shah .
    Best Wishes

    hilltop hotel hunza

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