The NRO “shock”

Islamabad, December 16: In a landmark decision, the apex court unanimously decided that the ordinance was unconstitutional.

All old cases that had been dismissed under the NRO stand revived and can now be reopened as per the court orders.

The court said that all orders that were passed and all acquittals under the NRO were illegal and never existed.

The apex court in its order also said that all convictions that were held prior to the enactment of the NRO stand revived as well.

Letters made to Swiss courts requesting the withdrawal of cases were also declared unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court asked the government to take action against the former attorney general for making these requests.

Presidential Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar called the verdict ‘shocking’ but said that the govt will respect the courts decision. [DAWN]

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  1. We can get use to such “shocks” if we want to save our country from legalized corruption.
    Somewhere up there Bibi is laughing!and somewhere in London Musharaff is repeating in front of a mirror “the people are with me,i know they are with me…”

  2. Grave situation for the corrupt persons as they plundered the nation s wealth. This a corrupt democratic culture that will lead us to the marshy land of poverty. The looters must be punished without discrimination of authority and political affiliation. Indeed we are living in a corrupt society but we neglect and become indifferent in front of such persons instead we praise and support such personalities because we are all corrupt. Let God help us from heaven and thanks to CJ Pakistan who is taking bold decisions like this one against NRO.

    Fight Corruption

    Saleem Khan Saleem

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