Governor Punjab killed in Islamabad

Islamabad, January 4: Salman Taseer, Governor of the Punjab, has been assassinated in the capital city. According to initial reports the governor was shot at by a member of his security contingent when he was climbing into his vehicle.

The incident reportedly took place in F-6 Sector of Islamabad, near Kohsar Market. Salman Taseer could not survive the bullet wounds and died on spot.

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  1. Dear all,
    Is there any rational reason behind his assassination. If yes, what is your opinion, and if NO what should be the solution to eliminate such kind of murder from our beloved country Pakistan? Thanks

  2. What has remained in this country to be expected, and to be proud of? When we show our faces to our neighbor countries, they only recognize us as terrorist, because of these cases? “No one trusts upon us” just because of these cases. Our name will be written in world’s history, just because of these cases. Our religion “Islam is the region of piece, harmony, love, brotherhood, and built on trust and unity, and faith. Our religion teaches us to respect humanity. Now where are all these things? Where is humanity? Is murder humanity? Does Islam teach us to disrespect the ideas of other or to share and discuss the problems with peace? WHO ARE WE? Dear all, just remember, no one is wrong in this world, and we cannot bring peace into our countries through force. “OUR COUNTRY CAN ONLY DEVELOP THROUGH UNITY, LOVE, AND BY UNDERSTANDING THE REAL MEANING OF EDUCATION”.
    Burning student from the place of conflicts

  3. What has remained in this country to be expected, and to be proud of?
    …………….We (majority of pakilanders) haven’t done anything good in the first place to expect anything out of this country….the best clue for this can be the historical voting rates by the pakilanders..officially it has been around 40 % on average but independent agencies confirm it to have never gone above 30 % at max… wat you expect of a country where majority dun care abt who rule their own lives ???

    When we show our faces to our neighbor countries, they only recognize us as terrorist, because of these cases?
    …………………. societies and nations change with the efforts of the people living within them….wat have majority of accomplished pakilanders have done to expect tolerance from their neighbours??… majority of those accomplished pakis neva even come back to their country….majority of those who remain back in the country are either those who are either striving to get out of poverty or those who have become selfish slaves of the exploitative capitalist system of production that makes you a consumerist robot without any feelings for surroundings… how can you expect tolerance from either of them ???

    Where is humanity? Is murder humanity?
    …………………..humanity resides where there are humans…majority of pakilanders are still humans but sadly dey are dominated by tiny chunks of inhumanly bed-raggled mop politicians and capitalists and surprisingly and annoyingly, we always buy into the ideologies of these tiny bedraggled mates 🙂

    Does Islam teach us to disrespect the ideas of other or to share and discuss the problems with peace?
    …………………….apparently our country’s literacy rate is under 40 % ..infact under 20 % i would say because dat 40% is based upon silly definition of people who can read and write….if majority of your population are not educated (not even by the annoyingly funny standards of paki education system)..then how can you expect these big things from them namely tolerance, respect and thought sharing??…..

    …………. we are an exemplary insensitive group of majority, the lives of whom are controlled and exploited by the tiny group of Narcist landlord politicians and capitalists who really understand how to keep our insensitiveness sustained 😉

  4. Dear Immerzys bro,
    Thanks for your response; I have some more some question related to your response 
    Pakistan is the country, where politicians rule their own lives?
    1- If it is so then why citizen give power to these people through voting? Why they do not raise their voice against these people? Angles will not come to solve the problem; it is we, citizens, who can bring change. I think we must not wait for someone to eliminate the ignorance of our country politician and capitalists? Youth must be ENCOURAGED to change the trend of our elders who did nothing except WAIT to see the change.

    2- Should we always keep this message in mind that these are capitalists, now nothing is possible? If anything is possible to bring change, then what do you expect from new generation to rehabilitate Pakistan’s situation.
    3- Why we are always buy into the ideologies of tiny bedraggled mates ??? This is our main weakness of education system in most parts of the country. Is there no one to appeal to government to keep balance between ideologies and facts?????? (sorry for mistakes)
    Sara Gul
    Grade 10th

    1. About 1: this is precisely the point i was making…so i have nothing to add but to agree …..just to reiterate, i was precisely saying that people are just not interested in what happens, who rules them..which is shown through low electoral participation…

      About 2: “Should we always keep this message in mind that these are capitalists, now nothing is possible?” ….yess bcoz cure comes out of understanding of the problem…more than 80% uneducated population means that majority of our mates don’t understand the nature of the problem… generation can only do smthing if they are educated…and they understand the nature of the problem…

      About 3: Precisely the point i have already made…problems with education system and illiteracy….the best i can do is agree… i just want to make a point that ideologies are not made in metaphysical space…they emerge out of socio-economic and political issues on the ground (thus in response to practical realities or facts)… in a way people think of it as a response diagnosis to many practical/ spiritual problems…

  5. Well this is not just a murder, you need to go through the recent happenings in Lahore where the late Governor stated in favor of amendment in Namos Risalat Law, which made him vulnerable to religious fanatics. Now the condition of our country is like dungeon where the minorities feel near to death experience every single day. The seeds of fanatic ideology spread in 80’s and 90’s era have grown into full plant now. Its impossible to talk about enlighten moderation these days. You say a word about religion next day you will end up dead in a street. This is what is happening. No where in the world this kinda thing happens, our people have took the wrong translation of religion misguided by some extremist preacher. No wonder a day will come when our country will be ideologically divided into two, the radical misguided people and moderated people. Tell me who will live in this country with these conditions, stop praising and becoming proud of yourself of being Pakistani, our society has been morally dead since years ago. A lawless land where the rich steal money, corrupts rule , and brainwashed extremist kill in name of Islam. Once you come to other countries you will see how people react with this name, PAKISTAN. We listen to people remarks everyday here outside our home country. I will give you sincere suggestion, if you really want to live a peaceful life with good career and raise your family in good healthy environment where justice is equal for all, where you don’t have to worry about being kidnapped or killed, leave Pakistan as soon as possible. I am sorry to say all this, once i was also a patriotic thinking guy just like you people, and i used to say who cares about these things at the end this is our homeland. But now you have to face the truth.

  6. its really a moment of sadness that a human being was brutally killed in the day light by his own protector.
    the thing i want to share is no one, no more can be trusted in the pak-land. it has become a lab of experimenting the brutal acts, violence, killing of innocent lives, sabotaging human values and more then that the pakistani leaders have lost their trust on each other, their security system has been paralyzed. the whole nation is being moved toward barbarism.
    the lesson:
    there is a saying in wakhi language “when you will dig for your neighbor, you will get drop by yourself in it” this is what Pakistan is facing now, its year long policy of infiltrating into Afghanistan and India is being suffered now consequently.

  7. I know one thing that by killing a person one cannot achieve the favours and blessings of God. You cannot make Prophet Muhammad SAW happy by such acts. Izlam is a message of TOLERANCE that is greatly lacking in our society and unl…ess people are not given education and awareness what Izlam actually wants from us and how to behave we cannot be termed as humans. Accept that we are not humans.
    What is right or wrong was the responsibility of The Courts of Pakistan to take action not any individual person ? No one is talking about the young girl who was raped in Kashmir by four persons and then stripped her naked and forced her to walk in the lanes. No Mullahs agitated for thsi young girl. There are innumerable examples like this that happens in Pakistan. Thousands have commited suicide but no mullahs are there to say a single word.
    Hundreds and Thousands of women and girls in prison of Pakistan who are made pregnant no one speaks for them. Is this what we are learning from Izlam ? No Mullahs want us to behave as good muslims. Whatever is happening in Pakistan is all because of economic reasons. The fault is that people are not given proper education how to live and how to manage. No Mullah or any Politician of Pakistan ever want the common class to read and write . No one wants the people to progress.
    If you want to eliminate the evils ( Mullahs and politicians )from our society I would suggest every Pakistani to go forwrad in Education and acquring knowledge . Povert and sickness that causes depression in the society is what we all witnessed on 4th of January 2011.
    let the court decide. No one has the right to take law in his or her hand. During the advent of Izlam in Arabia there were Qazis to decide and today we have Judges. Where were the Judges ? No one played their desired or true role. Pakistan should be free from Mullahs and Politicians and the country should be ruled by technocrats.
    Even The Koran says not to take law in your hands, if anyone is committing a Blasphemy God say that HE is the one to answer on The Dooms Day.
    What happened is not good for Pakistan ?? People should be educated in the subject of TOLERANCE which is required in ever inch of Pakistan. Courts should be active for any wrong happenngs or incident. Misuse of any law should be Prohibited. Law should be powerful that no one dares to take in his hands.
    Salman Abbas
    Islamabad Pakistan

  8. Very sad news. May God rest his soul in peace and give patience to the family (Ameen). Its not a good sign for our country to kill leaders. Who will have the courage to be leader in the society?

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