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[Announcement] Peace Walk page gets final update

Fifty new photographs of the concluding ceremony of Khunjrav – Karachi Peace Walk have been uploaded on Pamir Times.  Visit the updates page

The photographs were shared by:

1) Advocate Didar Karim Baig

2) Israr Ahmed Salahuddin & Tanveer Ali

3) Muhammad Essa

Pamir Times is thankful to the above volunteers for donating their time and resources to inform and entertain our readers.

We tried our level best to give proper coverage to the progress of the two peace activists from Khunrav, till Karachi. For many reasons we may not have been able to do complete justice with the cause that we believed in. Nevertheless, we are thankful to all the volunteers who supplied updates and photographs to Pamir Times.

We are hopeful that at least the people of Gilgit – Baltistan will start using the correct name of our national park, Khunjrav National Park (not Khunjrab National Park). We also demand from the government and NGOs to rectify this historical error in all official documents.

We plan to transfer the contents of this page to our website ( and leave it there for the times to come.

Thank you again and enjoy the photographs

Chief Editor

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