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Multi-stakeholder forum to be organised in Chipurson valley


Chairman CLSO in LSO office Kirmin

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan 

Hunza, September 10: The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) is going to organise a 2-day multi-stakeholder forum in Chipurson, in order to identify development challenges and potentials in the isolated valley.

The forum will be conducted in collaboration with Heemat and KADO, during the Eid holidays and is expected to help the Chipurson Local Support Organisation (CLSO) to develop a strategic plan for the development of the valley. The forum will be participated by heads of governmental and non-governmental organisations having stake in the valley. A cultural programme will also be organised during the second day of the event.

Heemat is a grass-root development organisation working in earthquake affected areas of Azad Kashmir.  The organisation has developed understanding with AKRSP to develop the capacities of LSOs in isolated valleys of Chipurson, Brughal and Darkut. 

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  1. This is great to know dreams coming true. Being one of the remotest valleys, Chipursan has suffered a lot and the pace of development has remained slow. We recognize the great impact of AKDN institutions on our lives however, becuase of its harsh geographic, climatic and economic conditions, this valley always needed a very sepcial treatment. The need of concentrated efforts was very much realzed hence the formation of Chipursan Developmetn Forum (CDF) in 2002. We had greater aims for this journey and our vision was to have an integrated development plan for this valley. Being a local initiative with limited resoruces, we could not move with the pace we desired. Unfortuntaley there were some internal hands invovled too. So to keep it short, the feeling was there.

    It is great that AKRSP, Heemat and KADO are thinking in a direction whih is actually the desired need. Last year AKRSP had organzied some sessions for need assessment and I was invovled. Now it is great that further steps are taken.

    I am very much appreciative of this great initaitive and ensure my best possible cooperation for this cause.

    Sultan Ahmed

    It is great that

  2. It really is a good news, thanks to PT editors!

    The organizers, sponsors of the event, office bearers of the CLSO and members of all the village and women organisations (V/WOs) of Chipursan richly deserve our Congratulations on this happy and historic occasion. The people of the famous Chipursan valley have been facing many problems and challenges, mainly because of the valley’s geographic location, isolation and remoteness. Chipursan is a Persian word, meaning ‘what to ask’, the valley is said to be so rich prosperous that its habitants in the ancient days used to say, what to ask about the valley.

    The Chipursan Local Support Organisation will surely provide the much needed forum to steer the common and village -specific development needs of valley through collective wisdom, collective decision, collective efforts and collective action of the constituent grassroots institution of the area.

    We are hopeful that the people of Chipursan valley will be able to bring back their past/ lost glory by attaining progress and prosperity in a short span of time; through unity, selflessness and spirit of cooperation and common good objectives. Finally the CLSO will help to convert challenges of the valley into opportunities, it si stongly hoped.

    We expect that the educated lot and enlightened groups, social and political workers, and more importantly; the intellectuals of the Chipursan valley will lend cooperation, assistance and guidance to office bearers of the CLSO, in order to make it as a model community -owned umbrella organisation for other such valleys of the region to emulate.

    Inter and intra -villages unity and harmony is what the Chipursan valley will always require and look for success of all development initiatives to attaining people’s prosperity, We believe that Baba Ghundi, the Saint will also pray for success of the valley’s population .

    We wish best of all; to all brethren and sisters of Chipursan.


    Mutabiat Shah

  3. Dear Chairman LSO Chipruson,

    Accept my heartiest congratulations for the establishment of CLSO and hope it will boost up under your dynamic leadership.

    I do hope you will lead this noble institution with care and commitment by focusing its goals and follow its byelaws and TOR to ensure good governance and transparency.
    I am sharing some of experiences as we believe in volunteerism and we need to keep in mind the following points as also desired by MHI in terms of Time and Knowledge (TKN) with reference to his Imamat Golden Jubilee celebration
    • knowledge and wisdom دانش اور علم
    • Time وقت
    • Physical and Human Resources انسانی اور مادی وسائل

    I have also experienced that, if voluntary institutions follow some of the important principles given below, then they could be able to achieve their targets and sustain in future.
    • Devotion لگن
    • Commitment ارادے کی پختگی
    •Team work دوسروں کے ساتھ مل کر کام کرنا( ٹیم ورک
    • Encouragement to each others دوسروں کی حوصلہ افزائی
    • Good Governance بہتر انتظام
    • Financial Discipline/Transparency صاف ستھرا معاشی نظم وضبط
    • Decisions through Collective Consensus فیصلوں میں باہمی مشاورت اور اجتماعی فیصلے
    • Democratic Approach جمہوری طرزِ عمل
    • Accountability جواب دہی

    The above points are based on my personal experiences as working with the community institutions and for LSOs; I also strongly recommend to recruit a professional for its day to day affairs to ensure balance between governance and management.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sharif Khan

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