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[Opinion] Unrest in Ghizar and the national media

by Noor Akbar Thousands of women and men marched towards district head quarter Ghakuch, starting from Sher Qilla to join the protesters at  sit-in  for last four days, after the dialogue between chairman BNF Nawaz Khan Naji and Pak Army were failed today in Army head quarters Gilgit. Tense situation...

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Fourth consecuive day of strikes in Punial, Ghizar

PT Report Gahkuch, December 26: Hundreds of men, women and children continued peaceful protests against the death of a seventeen year old young man named Zubair, during the recent election related riots, in Sher Qilla, the largest village of Tehsil Punial. The protesters blocked Gilgit – Chitral Road and demanded...

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Benazir’s political legacy lives on

Iftikhar Alvi (APP) It’s because of this policy the PPP formed a coalition government and is cooperating with the PML-N in the Punjab to bury ill-wills of the past in the greatest national interest. In the prevailing situation of confusion, despair and apparent tension among various institutions of the country,...

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Kashmiri Prime Minister not happy with CM of Gilgit – Baltistan

PT Report Islamabad, December 26: Prime Minister of “Azad Jammu & Kashmir”, Farooq Haider, has strongly reacted to a statement of Syed Mehdi Shah, chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, in which he had said that in future GB will become the fifth province of Pakistan. According to Kashmiri press...

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شآہ است حسین، بآدشآہ است حسین

In the tragedy of Karballa there are lessons of love, compassion, sacrifice, unity, steadfastness, passion, belief and integrity. We wish all our readers these noble values.

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