Kashmiri Prime Minister not happy with CM of Gilgit – Baltistan

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Islamabad, December 26: Prime Minister of “Azad Jammu & Kashmir”, Farooq Haider, has strongly reacted to a statement of Syed Mehdi Shah, chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, in which he had said that in future GB will become the fifth province of Pakistan.

According to Kashmiri press the prime minister has said that ‘history’ could not be changed by the statements of Syed Mehdi Shah. He has, reportedly, also said that Gilgit and Baltistan are historical parts of Kashmir.

The prime minister of Kashmir, reportedly, has also asked Syed Mehdi Shah and other elected representatives of GB to refrain from giving such ‘divisive’ statements.

Similar sentiments have also been shared by Sardar Attique, president of Muslim Conference. Sardar Attique has also said that the statement of chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan shall serve as an eye – opener for the policy making bodies of Pakistan.

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  1. Na Kashmir Na Pakistan
    Des Hamara Balawaristan

    Both Mehdi Shah and Farooq Haider are puppets of Pak. Govt. If Mehdi Shah wants t make Gb a part of Pakistan,than he must have to remove the UN Observer Office from Gilgit-Baltistan.

  2. Do we really need to worry what pleases Kashmiries.

    We are not part of Kashmir so and will never be in future, so what reaction they show, cry or shout, doesn’t mean anything to us.

    We have sacrificed too much for the last 6 decades due to the dispute of Kashmir for nothing and we need our destiny which is not definitely with Kashmir.

    The people of Gilgit Baltistan do not know who are Atiq and Farooq Hayder and other Kashmire leadership. These guys may have any relations or links with a few hundred people who were Kashmiri migrants and the rest surely do not know them and care about what they think and say.

    Let the people of GB who are educated and mature enough to think and do whatever is good for their future.

    Gilgit Baltistan, Zinda Baad
    Pakistan Pa’yenda Baad.


  3. Kashmiris are doing fine enjoying their little kingdoms on both sides of the border blackmailing India on one side and Pakistan on the other. We the people of GB have shed enough blood in all the wars for Kashmir while they have been earning benefits on our sacrifices. None of them ever bothered about the political rights of the innocent people of GB. During the days of the puppet of Zia ul Haq and self declared “mujahid e awal” by firing a bullet into the air from behind bushes they were found guilty of having been indulged in sectarian strife.

    It is time now that we wake up and understand our sufferings in the name of Kashmir for over six decades. We need to come forward as a strong community and work for prosperity of the most deserving people of GB and beware of our outside enemies who have been successful in playing with our linguistic and cultural divides in the past.
    Jiyae GB and long live Pakistan!

  4. gilgit may be part of china or india but may not nd will never b part of kashmir. inshallah GB will be the ffth provns of pakistan…we don’t care about kashmir nd kashmiri leaders…best of luck Mehdi shah just make efforts to make GB 5th province dont look at kashmir nd selfish kashmiri blackmailers

  5. maybe mr. mehdi shah should own up to his comments and rebuttle the ‘kashmiris’ claim? he cant because he wants a kashmiri governor i.e. Mr. Sher Jehan Mir to be governor who is not even from GB but really a Kashmiri!!! way to go !!! this is why our elders sacrificied to liberate GB from the dogra raj!!!

  6. They demand self-determination right to Kashmiri people. But they repeatedly deny the same for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. One who deny the right of others will not get his right.

    Why these Kashmiries try to make us learn about the history. We know the history better than them. If they believe in history the should rejoined India because in the history they were the part of India, in the era of Maharaja Sing and even after the partition

  7. The Kashmiris are passing only statements but they don’t think for a while that, if we have learned any thing from the our history? I say that history is only limited today with the books and articals nothing more than that. If we had such a strong history than, why we ignored that?? The America, China, Japan and other developed countries have also a hstory but they got learned alot from that too. The same Pakistan have a history but today if we compare Pakistan with China, Pakistan is very back even China got independency after Pakistan. So how we can say history history history.

    The PM of Kashmir should realize that the GB is now going to become the fifth province of Pakistan and such kind of statements could not stop the GB to become a Province.

    Bagh, AJ&K

  8. By they way Mr. Syed Mehdi Shah himself is a Kashmiri, and their family magrated from Kashmir to Baltistan in the fifties.. I heard this through some very reliable sources,

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