Protesters block highway in Zulfiqarabad Gilgit, demand action against "land mafia"

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  1. Brothers nowadays plot mafia is too much active in jutial.
    dear readers , try to understand-the real position of that place where land mafia attacked. But please don’t mix these mafias with religious issues. There is not any faith of these mafias.Land mafia is land mafia nothing else. Land mafias are using the name of “Firqas” for their personal benefits. I am requesting to the peoples of jutial that please you should demand for the arrest the culprits of land mafia. Land mafia have not any faith they are enemies of the nation. We are also demanding that Govt should take strong action against the land mafias which are involve in these dirty games.

    Abu rubab

  2. As in the earlier comment abu rubab have mentioned that the land mafia have noany faith they are enemies of the nation. yes i am also agree, but this is not time of tolerance. the Gilgit Baltistan govt should take an appropriate action for this issue, these type of issues are become normal if we all keep quite on this we will face too many other problems not only land grabbing in future.. Govt should punish those who are behind this.

    Izhar Ali
    Sultan Abad

  3. you guys presenting wrong. The land owner is Kashroti. Some people are not giving way to his plot. He have appealled in your council but not responded. Secondly some sportestes attacked on a vehicle by throwing soap and them they opened fire. Moral. Both parties are using wrong measures

  4. it is the matter of fact that every citizen has the right to go for his diserving rights but in this situation it is about voilating the rules and regulations and it is not about kashrotis and zulfiqarabadis, we all are the citizen of Gilgit and we diserve equal rights no one is superior…..

  5. There is no land Mafia but they all enemy of Gilgit Biltistan … If we are silent it does not mean that we are weak ,,, actually we are following peace way that does not mean that any one can take advantage of from us.
    If we start bravely facing these illegal actions ..they will never find their place on earth…
    Javed Mughul

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