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Independence Day Mubarak

Our tributes and salutes to the known and unknown freedom fighters who have shown us the path of integrity, liberty and identity

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  1. Of course this is a day to be remembered as independence is one of the most precious assets one can have. We salute the courage and bravery of our great heros of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Sultan Ahmed

  2. Independence Day Mubarak to each and every one in Gilgit – Baltistan!

    Freedom being so precious an asset needs to be fully respected and protected.

    The English version of a Wakhi saying about freedom aptly describes its value……..

    “Even a sparrow loves it to be in the thorny bushes, than to be caged in a cozy environment”.



  3. Good to hear you from Victoria, Sultan. Thanks for the compliment.

    We do have many good Wakhi sayings, I believe; what we need is to share them with the fellow PT readers and preserve them for ever.

    Would like to have a few from you, depending on relevance.

  4. Whose Freedom?

    Freedom, freedom, freedom!
    Whose freedom?
    My freedom, your freedom, our freedoms;
    Like e thousand times of a cry in a land!
    Yes, they rule with iron-hand but,
    We have to obey always;
    A rule with an iron fist but,
    We have to be the subjects always;
    Whose freedom?

    Look around you,
    It is full of colours;
    My freedom, your freedom, their freedoms!
    Freedom, freedom, freedom! ! !
    We nedd freedom than these shackles.

    Whose freedom?
    Free-free-free! Freedom to my people! !
    Which people?
    My people, your people, our peoples;
    Have mercy on them and rule them with care.

    We need freedom around us,
    Whose freedom?
    See the type of governments around you;
    The people’s freedom with an iron fist!
    Tell me if all is well.

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