Four women interviewed for GB governership, fifth the favorite!

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Islamabad, January 4: According to media reports four women, Shireen Fatima, Sadia Danish, Khadija Khan and Kulsoom Farman, have been interviewed at the president house here in Islamabad, by Rukhsana Bangash. However, according to sources Fauzia Saleem Abbas, ex member of NALA, is the favorite candidate for the top slot.

Three of the women interviewed are highly educated, having backgrounds in the NGO sector, lacking political experience and exposure. Shireen Fatima and Sadia Danish were recently selected as member of GBLA on reserved seats for women.

Sadia Danish, Gilgit city, came to the political front after death of her husband, Danish, a PPP Jiyala. Since then she has ably managed the women wing of PPP.

Shireen Fatima, Ghangche,  got membership of GBLA as compensation of the death of her brother at the Karsaz Bombing of BB’s procession, two years ago. She has worked in the First Micro Finance Bank.

Khadija Khan, Gojal – Hunza, is currently working as head of AKESP, Gilgit – Baltistan.

Kulsoom Farman, Skardu, has worked for the AKRSP.

Fauzia Saleem Abbas is a highly influential figure in Islamabad, having contacts at the higher levels. She recently contested elections on PML – Q ticket, but could not win.

Meanwhile, the CM told reporters at Lahore airport yesterday that name of the governor would be announced in a week’s time.

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  1. Fauzia Saleem contested election under shaheed Asad zaidi group not on ticket of PML – Q and yes she is infuential in Islamabad but is not of PPP

  2. Sir, All these respected ladies are for this post not illigible, because two have got already seats in the asembly and Khadja, Kulsoom Farman having only Ngo projection no political backround,Fauzia Saleem is not that much well known personality in the country,acept Baltistan.according to our cltural climate it will be unbearable post for a lady to run GB.
    I think we need uncontroversial personality for this post.

  3. The real dilema of the country today is Good Governance . Peace, tranquality and maintaining law and order has received secondary importance. Chief Minister Mehdi Shah has asserted that Governor Gb should be a politicain belonging to PPP. However,It is a matter of great pleasure for the people of Gilgit Baltistan that major sects in Gilgit Balstistan including Tanzeem Ehli Sunnat are of the view that the appointment of Governor GB should be on merit basis. It means that a person who has the vast expereince of good governance. Today good governance is interpreted economic and financial management withcore values of diversity and honesty. This criteria is at present met by two Bureaucrats who belong to GB. They are Mr.GM Sikandar who has been a Retired Federal Secretary with unblemished record of service and the other is Mr.Mohammed Anwar Khan who has also been retired from BPS-21 position of Secretariat Group in the Federal Government. Mr.Khan belongs to a respectable family of Gilgit. He has a Master of Development Administration Degree from the Western Michigan University, USA (a top accredited University) with good Academic Standing. He has received the Training of Good Governamce from Local Autonomy College, Tokyo, Japan, which is also one of the top accredited Training Institutions of the world. He was also conferred with the title of Friendship citizen of City of Utsunomiya, Japan for promoting International Relations. He has also been a Diplomat in the United Nations in the year 2000-2001. During his posting as a BS-21 Officer in the Ministry of Sports, he under the dy amic guidence of Mr.Njamuddin Khan, the then Sports Minister was able to resolve all the issues of employees i.e. their charter of demand and grant of pension, which were pending for 62 years. He is therefore, most suitable candidate for the slot of Governor GB. He is likey to have focus on Education, Health, Tourism Development, Exploration of mineral and other natural resources,employment promotion, women development, infrasture development, rehabilitation of flood victims.

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