PML (N) lobbying to appoint “Rani” Attiqa as governor

by Maqbool Malik

ISLAMABAD – Lobbies representing different political parties have intensified their efforts to secure the prestigious position of Gilgit-Baltistan’s woman governor to be appointed by the President Asif Ali Zaradri, TheNation reliably learnt on Sunday.

According to the informed sources, apart from smaller political parties, the major players PPP and the PML-N have stepped up their efforts to secure the slot. Sources said both the PPP and PML-N have shortlisted names of their probable nominees and were in talks to cut the deal.

Sources said that both the PPP and the PML-N had agreed to adjust elected members of the smaller political including the JUI (F) and ANP in the PPP-led cabinet being formed in effort to bargain over the slot of governor.

Sources were of the view that PPP was currently considering three names for the slot including Samina Khalid Gurki, Sherry Rehman and Asima Arbab Alamgir, while the PML-N was struggling to secure the prestigious slot for Rani Attiqa, wife of Mir of Hunza.

The PPP which as matter of policy wants to appoint a woman as first governor had started selection process after it failed to choose one from the list of elected party MPs from Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly.

Sources further said that PPP was offering the PML-N, which is also its coalition partner in the Punjab government, some seats in the 13-member Northern Areas Council yet to be constituted and to be headed by the Prime Minister as its Chairman. The PML-N, sources said, was demanding slot of the governor and share both in the cabinet as well as the proposed council.

Sources said that the efforts were underway to complete the entire process by May, with the first phase aiming at appointing the governor and constituting the NA Council on the pattern of AJK Council. This would be followed by second phase relating to cabinet formation.

However, according to the sources, the entire process was still under consideration of the government to set its priority over how the process of Gilgit-Baltistan government be completed. [The Nation]

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  1. No More Punjabi governor in Gilgit Baltistan,….some one should be from Gilgit Baltistan.
    we have more educated ladies in Gilgit Baltistan, as compared to Atiqa, who can be the right candidate for the position….we strongly oppose any more didtatorship in our area. we need leaders in Gilgit more government puppets
    Mahmood Ali,

  2. at any cost no accepable,
    we have closed the chapeter of mir or rani in this election. we dont want to see them anywhere in the region at any platform.

  3. At any cost not accepable,
    We have closed the chapeter of mir or rani in nov. 2009 election.
    We dont want to see them anywhere in the region at any platform.

  4. no Mir & Rani more in gilgit baltistan……… chapter closed.
    Musofer i agree wth u 101%.. we have more talented person’s than attiqa in glt batistan …

  5. NO out siders NO MIR NO RANI, at any cost, Governor should be from GB
    PPP should understan the VOICE of GB.

  6. who so ever it be, but it must be a local person. as its the beginning of a new era in the history of GB and so it should not start with an imported governor. i oppose the idea of non local governor not that the Punjabis or any other are bad but it will show that we are still unable to produce a leader of our own, though we have been demanding the right of independence for last few decades.
    so the new governor should be a local person at any cost

  7. In the first place it is understood that no outsider is acceptable as governor to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Why is government contemplating installation of outsider? Is there no one available in the region for this slot? Or the government is not ready to choose one from the region and wants to install someone to perform the role of viceroy?
    Secondly, why considering only “Rani” from the region? Rajas and Ranies have already had enough in the past as well as in present, so there is no more place for them on the basis of their dominancy over the people. Even if in today’s world the government is looking for Rajas and Ranies, when will its slogan about rule by common people be in place?
    Thirdly, it is strange if PML(N) is lobbying to get Rani appointed as governor. During the present election PML(N) blamed the government of worst rigging the election and even did not accept the results, now does it want to accept the results if Rani is appointed as governor?
    The government, without further delay, should appoint a local governor to avoid this uncertainty so that the new system (whatever it is) should start working.

  8. For God sake Rani of your own state, You, your Husband and sons are no more needed to lead the Hunzukutz. Why don’t you understand that you are not acceptable because of your own deeds. Respect the will of the people.
    stop back door diplomacy to get into power.

    We Don’t Want You. Is that clear????

  9. stop complaining of mir and rani.they are not in power.ask your leaders wazir baig and cm shah to do something about disaster affectees etc.lets see what your beloved wazir and shah do for you.i guarantee in 5 years they will have run everthing into the ground and you willl still be blaming everything on mir and rani!

  10. I agree with you all but you can not change the decision taken by Raiwind and Balawal house .Its realy matter of shame for our people their decision are now being taken in 90 zero, balawal house , chodury house lahore and raiwind lahore.

    If you want your own decision then get rid of these establishment parties and join hands with nationalist parties.Some of my friends mentioned that we have rejected Atiqa which actually wrong others forces have make possible PPP win next time PML-N in islamabad then you people claim we have rjected Wazir Baig and at that time Ghazani family will win in Hunza.This is only in hunza same situatuion in ohter parts of GB.

    Do not live in fool paradise.What you people think about election? You are just wasting your time and money in supporting these parties neglcting your ones.

  11. @ rehmat – Ghazanfar Ali Khan (Chief Executive of GB) and Attiqa Ghzanfar (member of NALA) are directly responsible for not finding any solution for the people of Attabad.

    You have forgotten, I think, that they were ruling the region for the past five years!!

    So questioning their abilities is a very relevant question. And since your “Mir” of Hunza is still present and “mir” what is he doing for the people of Attabad?

  12. A Non local Governor will be an insult to the people of GB , I fail to understand the psyche of Governament of Paksitan. For God,s sake … how u can just ensalve people in 2010, Y u want the people who love Pakistan to reconsider their thoughts,

    Look good r bad,educted or not, from one sect or another let us have some one our own , I can bet the worst choice from GB will be much better for us then even Nawaz sharif or Balawal themself taking charge of us as Governor,
    are we being told that no one from GB is suitable for Governorship ?
    ,,,, we know the caliber of zardari (just write “zardari” on google and u ll be amazed) , sharifs or Altaf,
    If we accept them as National leaders ,Y can,t they accept a local Governor for us.
    now our people can,t be bluffed any more. If the govenament continues the colonial trends in GB I am afriad things will go wrong, and my be it will be too late to reapair the damage.

  13. @ Pamir Times
    Like you said he is the “mir” just in name. Whenever you get a chance you are always riddiculing him while on the other hand you treat all other leaders with great respect. Its no hidden secret about how much you hate him and his family etc. So why do you expect anything from them?”
    How are they directly responsible? This did not occur in their tenure. You have been advocating in all your previous articles that ghazanfar etc have been rejected in the elections so why do you want him to do anything? You should not have any hopes from him. Instead you should ask your “leaders” to do something.

    1. @Rehmat,
      It is true that the disaster did not hit our area when Ghazenfar was in power, but on the other hand, the calamity was reported by different organizations including PT to Ghazenfar some 3/4 years ago. He should have relocated the poor inhabitants of that area to some safer place to avoid the loss of lives and properties. He did not do anything for these masses. He is directly responsible for the murder of 21 or more people. Instead he focused on his personal loan rebats and seeking …… permissions for his hotel from Gen Musharraf.

  14. @Riazullah Baig
    What does hotels and loans have to do with the disaster? Stop trying to divert the atttention and for God sake get over Ghazanfar phobia. He is not in power. You do not make any sense when you say that Ghazanfar is responsible for the murder of 21 people.
    Rather then bickering about Ghazanfar you should be focusing on the releif effort and asking your representatives to evacuate the people and rehabilitate them.
    If you think that Ghazanfar is responsible then you should ask your leaders to hold a judicial inquiry into the matter and hold those who were negligent responsible!

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