“Where are the revolutionary seasonal leaders of Hunza”?

by Noor

Islamabad, January 11: “Where are the revolutionary seasonal leaders of Hunza who had made pre – election promises of of living in Hunza and serving people of the region, without considering election results”?, a respondent asked during a survey conducted by Pamir Times to know feelings of youth of the region living in Islamabad. “Kamil Jan, Shehryar, Noor Mohammad and rest of the candidates are out of the scene”, back to business as usual, he said.

“Some of them are busy in political point scoring and traditional mud – slinging politics, which is humiliating and shameful for our region”, a twenty one years old student of Bahria University said.

“It is high time for all political, social and religious forces to unite for rehabilitation of the survivors of Attabad disaster”, a young resident of Hunza valley told this scribe, criticizing the role of certain political figures in the entire scenario.

“Ghazanfar was holding the highest political position in GB when the situation in Attabad came to surface”, a young student belonging to Gojal valley said, “but instead of relocating the people to a safer place despite of alarming reports shared by various governmental and non – governmental organizations, he was busy in conquering the Sost Dry Port”, he further criticized.

“What has the present government done for rehabilitation of the displaced people?”, another respondent. “Nothing, but fake promises and cosmetic relief operations”. He praised the local communities for being there to help their suffering brothers and sisters. “If it was not for the local communities, the situation would have transformed into a human crisis”, he said.

“The speaker, Wazir Baig, failed to attract media’s attention towards the tragedy”, a young professional working for an international NGO said.

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  1. it is not the right time to critisize each other…please unite and organize a pressconfrence in Islamabad, I tried to contact youths of Gojal from the forum of GECA accept Mr. Sultan Mehmood and few others replied …please wake up and protest agains the ignorance of the government.

  2. politics is the game of fake promises we all know then why we always elect those who are not sound to hold such highest governmental positions. in one or the other way we are responsible for the unfair and irresponsible behavior of our so called leaders.

  3. As per my informations, reliable sources, Noor Mohammad, GBLA candidate, has arranged Rs. 1 million from different sources in Islamabd for the people of Atta Abad. please have some thorough check the validity of the researched and surveys.


  4. Offcourse politics is the game of fake promises, but we want the Governer from the land of Gilgit-Baltistan, whoes mother land is this place.. as far as Attiqa is concerned she is not applicable for this position because she has been working as an MNA for the last five years and she cant came through the expectations of the people so the lobbying of PMLN is of no importance.

  5. Let’s forget our differences, wether it is political, or whatever, It is time to unite and contribute in what ever way you can.

    If one can not contribute physically, he may sympathize and boost those morally up whose near and dear ones are lost in this tragic event.

    It is time to unite and think positively. We know what is in politics and for sure this is not a time to play politics.

    We all know that there are short term and long term phases to handle emergency situations like this and those who are handling this operation have to priorities things as what has to be done first and foremost. Let us not criticize rather help them to do the job in hand more effectively and efficiently.

    I am optimistic that the youth of Hunza will show that we are well educated Murids of a living Imam who is responsible for our ultimate welfare both worldly and eternally.

    Be the blessings of Allah always with us all. Amen.


  6. just like how it’s not the right time for politicians to score points, it is not the time for public for political blames. There are many ways one person can be helpful without being actually present at the disaster site, or without speaking through a microphone. it is not impossible that one or more of the mentioned politicians has helped in a silent way. If one of the named politicians deposits a hefty amount of money in a relief account, who would know? such kind of news promotes nothing but exhibition, show-off, and it totally shifts the essence of true charity, that is, the most important thing in charity is to let people know that you donated.

  7. what does ghazanfar have to do with this?he was not in power when this happened?why don’t you aske the newly elected represenatatives what they have done for the people since they have power and resources in their control?cm shah is busy making merry in lahore

  8. Yes, this disaster created problems for the residents of Ahmad Abad and to the gojal valley people. All of us should keep in mind that this was a disaster because of unserious ness of the Government because instead of knowing that in 2003 there was a big fault in the village .and the earth flow was start at that time after that the earthquake accrued in Kashmir and NWFP and it created more rifts and the village become more dangerous, Government and the community also not take it serious so it took lives of 19 people
    Now in this situation we should not blame each other, we have to concentrate on the post disaster situation which the people are facing now a days ,the bulks of relief goods will change the habits of the local community not only of the affected peoples but those also who are indirectly affected by the disaster. I think except the increasing of the water of the dame the situation is not so worst, the elected representatives of the area, local community and NGOs are doing their best .the situation will become normal in the coming few weeks and the Government has also announced that the community will not face any problem regarding food ,transport and other facilities


  9. Dear Adil
    I agree with you that Mr. Noor Muhammad is trying his best to generate as much as he can. We are optimistic that he will generate more than that what we are expecting.
    I think he also organized a protest infront of Islamabad press club to heighlight the issues which our so called leaders like Mutabiat and Wazir Baig fail to do so.
    I request pamir times not to publish such kind of fake resulst. This creates confusion and shows your biasness. Further I also know your abilities in conducting such researches. So please be optimistic about Mr. Noor Muhammad. He is a better leader than that of others.
    Try to create harmony and unity instead of publishing fake research results.
    Mr. Moderator please visit Altit and see how people from all over Hunza supporting the displaced people.
    One more thing our present goverment totally failed to provided materilized support to the victimized.

  10. Dear Noor,

    Could u tell us where is Kamil Jan at the moment. Please stop these baised statement. kamil Jan is the person who always helps needy persons. He had helped them before the disatar. He always makes donations for Jamat Khanas. Hunza is is his home land he also helped for the people of AJK. Don,t compare him with other politicians.

  11. @ Adil – My research and survey is based on ground interactions with youth of the region.

    Let’s see how much of that one million, supposedly, generated by Noor Mohammad, reaches the victims and when!

    @ Meena – Create the courage to not use fake identities. Only then will i take your blames of fake results serious.

    Baba Jan is a better leader, if protesting is the yard stick. He protested in front of the Force Commander and Chief Secretary and DG of NDMA, on second day of the tragic incident!!

    Everyday thousands of people protest in front of the National Press Club in Islamabad. It would have been better if Noor Mohammad had arranged a press conference. He seems to have saved the Rs. 5 000 required for organizing press conferences!

    @ Holanas – First, no one will bite you if you write these eulogies with your real identity.

    If you know where Kamil Jan sb is, please do let us know. Till yesterday he was not in Hunza. I can assure you that.

  12. How was this research carried out? what sampling method was used? People would like to see the survey result in quantitative form, and that’s the proper way to show the results of a survey. You didn’t survey 6 people did you? I know and i hope you asked more than 6 people, but what formula did you use to shortlist and choose and quote “the six” respondents mentioned in this report? and all six respondents happen to be pretty carping, and apparently, pretty unaware too. We should understand that there are more than one way to help the victims. Baba Jan’s way of helping was protesting infront of whoever that was, Noor Muhammad’s way was protesting infront of wherever he did, and raising a million (if its true), Wazir Baig is physically present at the site supervising the stuff himself. There is another underlying assumption in this report, that is, if a person physically came to hunza for election campaign, then he absolutely HAS to come for relief of landslide victims, which is fallacious. Many people living away from the disaster site have been more helpful than many actually present at the site since day-1. It is absolutely necessary to be physically present at the place where you want to win election from, but it is not absolutely necessary to be there physically to help the victims in this kind of situation.

  13. every comment in these blogs says that there is no place for the mir & rani, and the so called elections proved it, so y is it that concern for them has suddenly risen? you didnt want them, they are not there. criticize who you have brought into power.

    God also notices when his people are ungrateful, it is sort of ironic how this mishap was waiting to happen as soon as ghazanfar was out of power!

  14. @ Noor. well my dear it was just an information i thought would be of any use. I am not criticizing on research its just validity of information and individual you have asked.
    any way its not the point now, we have to see how can we help our families of the region. and let us try to brin every one under one umbrella to serve our families at this time of trouble.

  15. My dear, i do not doubt efforts of PT in dessiminating right information to a large number of individuals of GB and other, and i personally believe that there is no personal biasness and favours.

    Keep it up “thumbs up”


  16. Mr. Sajid Barcha has expressed the most logical comment so far. PT, you can’t conduct a ‘survey’ in the manner you have stated. This clearly doesn’t reflect the opinion of the masses! I think PT itself has become a completely biased political platform targeting certain elements while openly favoring others.

    The ‘Revolutionary’ leaders of Hunza are busy in their engagements. Has PT conducted a post election interview to determine what each candidate’s future road-map is? or how he intends to formulate or strengthen respective party structures? Being physically present in Hunza all the time does not bear any fruit. Matters are decided, policies are formulated while legislation is planned in the metropolis i.e. Islamabad. However, this does not mean that you stay completely indifferent to natural disasters such as Attabad and carry on with party manifestos in Punjab and Sindh, as displayed by our newly elected and not so wise, CM of GB.

    The question of the hour today is that, during the election campaigning, (and its no secret), that millions of spent were spent by certain candidates and their party leaders for the ‘entertainment’, ‘rallies’, ‘horse-trading’, ‘insider lobbying’ etc. Why can’t the same candidates or their affiliated parties come forward and be as generous today? We all know which candidates and parties i am referring to here.

    Having said that, lets take a look at the progress bar since November 12, 2009. While Shehryar Khan was heavily criticized by many for not being serious enough, today he seems to be the only ‘revolutionary’ leader who gave up his professional career as a private banker and decided to work for his area. It was his affiliation with PML (N) that brought Mr. Nawaz Sharif to GB, and hence the people of GB benefited through Mr. Sharif’s announcement of doubling the quota for students in medical and polytechnical institutes of Punjab. Is this true or not? This announcement made to GB in the form of an official announcement as well. Moreover, PML (N) belives in action not words. Mr. Shehryar has been successful in generating assistance to the affected people of Attabad in the form of life saving drugs, tents, monetary assistance, and food items through his party leadership.

    Similary,I’m sure, Mr. Noor Muhammad might be doing all he can in his own right, and so would Mr. Wazir Baig or Kamil Jan. Its how you see things.

  17. @ Saib – The method of sampling is convenience based and around fifteen people were randomly interviewed, while around 200 were asked through SMS. For God sake, it wasn’t a research. I hope you can differentiate between a survey and a research?? A research may contain hundreds of surveys.

    @ Ali Aman Hunzai – When and where did we say that it is opinion of the masses? We have explicitly mentioned that it is a research based on interviews with a small group of people! Have not we?

    If you can’t see it or understand it, then you need to remove your traditional anti Pamir Times googles and wear a more rational piece of glass yourself.

    Thank you for advocating Shehryar’s “contribution”. That you comment is visible and being read, is enough proof that we are not biased.

    We have openly opposed the CM’s stupidities in Sindh and Punjab, while the people of Attabad and Hunza suffered. Check PT to find out the 41 anti – CM comments that we have approved. There are no holy cows. NONE.

    I want you to remember, Mr. Rehmat, that PT does not have the capacity to work at the scale that you expect us to work. Even well financed news groups, having hundreds of salaried staffers are not doing what you want us to do. Be realistic and rational.

    You are good at criticism and I appreciate that. Have you ever contributed a single word towards the cause of accountability and openness that we are voluntarily pursuing, apart from defending all the crap that your bosses have done?

    Well done Shehryar/Noor Mohammad/Kamil Jan/Aziz Ahmed/Rehmat Ullah Baig/Ijlal Hussain and others, if you are working. remember your promises if you are not.

    We will keep reminding you, whether you like it or not.


  18. i don’t have interest in politics at all and neither i know about all of those mentioned above but one thing is clear that PT is doing its best for the people of Attabad. the most important thing during this disaster was to let the world what the people are suffering there and this was done at the best by PT. people like me who are living at isolation get clear picture of the event and do whatever they could do. if PT was not there i would not have been able to make the small contribution.

  19. Dear Noor,
    first of all i would like to request you plz dont reject my comment as u did last time.since Nov 2009 ,you are contineously critisizing about Mr Noor Mohd the most qualified person in hunza as compare to other dumy leaders,why? you should be neutral as media person,here you are playing same role as other pakistani channels ,I respect ur work and praying for your success so plz. don’t be controversial and try to respect others sentiments and expresssions .now the politics is over and this is a time of unity and just look at visitors comments all are disagree with your survey report ,because i think this survey is done in gojal valley .Dont compare noor mohd work with wazir baig bcz he is not in power ,this is duty of wazir baig to stand with the victims of attaabad,otherwise noor mohd is not is bussiness man like kamil jan he is a well educated person , you cant ask wether noor mohd help the effecties or not .

  20. All of the above people have their own open ion and no body can stop them saying in favor or against .but one thing is clear that TP is playing his vital role in identifying the problems of Gilgit-Bastistan.
    keep it up



  21. @ Noor
    All I want you to do is to show all sides of the story and not be biased. That does not require hundreds of staffers especially for such a small region as ours! You need to be rational and unbiased as a reporter rather then misleading people.
    “Have you ever contributed a single word towards the cause of accountability and openness that we are voluntarily pursuing, apart from defending all the crap that your bosses have done?” What are you trying to insinuate? If somebody says something which favors an individual does that mean that person is his boss? As a journalist your job is to respect other peoples opinion rather then trying to riddicule it because it does not agree with your school of thought.
    If you ever read my comments on your previous articles I have always been advocating accountablilty across the board rather then a witch hunt.
    You should remind your elected reprsentatives to full fill their campaign promises and hold the corrupt accountable.

  22. plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont make fake propergenda,

    kamil bhai ne 80 lakh rs spend kiye hai for the atta abad ppl..

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