Pir Karam Ali Shah's appointment as GB governor notified

President Asif Ali Zardari has issued notification of Pir Karam Ali Shah’s appointment as the second governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Mamtaz Hussain Gohar

ISLAMABAD: Fedral minister for Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Affairs Mian Manzoor Wattoo formally announced appointment of Pir Karam Ali Shah as Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan on Thursday evening. In a press conference held at Ministry of Kashmir and Gilgit – Baltistan Affairs Islamabad, Wattoo said that Karam Ali Shah is one of the senior most members of Pakistan People’s Party, and has remained in the Assembly and Northern Areas Council for almost 42 years.

He told the media that Karam Ali Shah has been appointed as the second governor Of Gilgit – Baltistan after consultation with President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Gilani. PPP government wants to give more power  to Gilgit – Baltistan, he said.

Wattoo further said that the oath-taking ceremony will be held in Gilgit within one to two days.

Pir Karam Ali Shah, new Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, said that governership is a big responsibility for him and that he will try his level best to work for development of the region. He praised the PPP top leadership saying, “Like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, President Asif Ali Zardari is also taking intrest in Gilgit Baltistan”.

“This area was far behind after getting independence from the Dogras”, the new governor of GB said. “Only PPP has devolved powers to the region so far”, he said. He also expressed his gratitude to the president and prime minister for their ‘trust’. “I am thankful to the leaders”, he said.

Pir Karam Ali Shah is appointed as Governor Gilgit-Baltistan after four months of the demise of former governor Dr. Shamma Khalid, who died of cancer. Syed PirKaram Ali Shah, suffering from heart disease is in his seventies and widely respected for his balanced personality.

He will resign from his seat in GBLA from LA – 1, Ghizar,  and by-elections would be held in the  constituency.

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  1. Good decision but status quo is given more importance rather than leadership qualities and capabilities,Pir Sb is a neutral and seasoned politician,We expect much from him this time.He is mature as well a relegious person,acceptable to all communities of GB.We pray for his success in his new role.

  2. My Dear Abid as far as old people are concerned they too have many strengths. Different people who have been very old have even chosen to lead countries e.g Mitrand of France. One must ask whether or not this so called “Pir” has any potential to serve the people of GB. The persons who will work for GB they must be bold and shrewd enough to work for the people. In “Pir’s” case it appears that he will serve the interest of the rulers sitting in Islamabad and not the people of GB.

  3. so nice but this is not the age to GB garner per sub, is so agented person . how he lead the hundred person educated in difficile??

  4. he was crying for WATAN card few months back. now he got the chance. thanks PPP for great leadership.

  5. aged man old ill man. What good he can do to the people of GB excepting enjoying the status and accumulating more wealth.

  6. Dear readers,

    The tittle of Governor is like a joke in GB. According to the international laws gilgit Baltistan is a disputed region same like jammu Kashmir. Gilgit Baltistan is not province of Pakistan nor the region is Constitutionally Pakistan. In light of all these President of Pakistan is not authorised to appoint any Governor for the region. Pakistani president is only eligible to appoint governor to those provinces from where he got vote for presidential elections.Mr zardari was Elect by national assembly ,Senate,provincial assemblies and provincial assemblies of Punjab ,Sindh ,Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtun kha You all are educated peoples why you are discussing that Mr. karam ali shah’s appoinment please you should debate on that IS Pakistan president authorised or not to appoint a governor for Gb in light of UN charter as well as in light of the constitution of his own country

    Abu Rubab


  7. Did he not get Watan card and wanted compensation for his lands in Ghizer.

    He is a good person and he will protect his interests.
    But can he travel throughout GB?

  8. like the first one the ppp govt has again appointed 2nd governor of gb 4rm anti people capitalist class,peer karam ali shah has through out his life played anti people role by exploiting poor people of ghizer he has acquired uncountable movable n unmovable wealth by exploiting hundreds of innocent poor people of ghizer.ppp leeadership has proved by its conduct that is a party of exploitors n upper classn its not a party of poors..

  9. Abu Rubab has really pointed out a very logical question. GB is not yet part of Pakistan as there is not any reference of it in the Constitution. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan patriotic to Pakistan, who have sacrificed a lot, but are treated like the black people under the apartheid law of Past South Africa.

  10. The old business of appointing the MEERZ and PEERS on high post with out considering there eligibility, as it has always been there ..

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