FOCUS playing leading role in relief operations at Attabad Hunza

An official of FOCUS with the relief goods stored at a camp.

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, January 12: Pakistan chapter of the The Focus Humanitarian Assistance agency, an affiliate of AKDN, is playing a leading role in the relief operations for the affected people of the devastating landslide in Attaabad Hunza that killed 19 people and displaced over 1500 others.

“We have provided relief goods of more than 12.5 million to the affected people”, said Salmanuddin, a representative of the FOCUS while talking to media persons at a camp in Altit. He said the voluntary Search and Rescue Teams (SART), Disaster Assessment Response Team (DART), Community Emergency Response Team and Village Emergency Response Teams were the

Relief goods being packed by volunteers.

first to respond in the post disaster situation.

“FOCUS is also closely coordinating the relief operations for the 316 families evacuated from the affected villages and now living in school camps established in the Altit village”, he added. FOCUS has provided seven trucks of relief goods including flour, rice, sugar, pulses, tea, fuel, kitchen utilities, blankets, pillows, wood and other items. The organization issued bedding and immediate utility items to nearly 173 families in the camps.

He further said that the survey results  developed by geologist of FHA were shared with all relevant stakeholders and on recommendation of FOCUS, the

Volunteers loading off goods from a truck

25 households were evacuated from Attabad Bala which saved the lives of about 180 people. “Our geologists and volunteers are closely monitoring the lake movement and identifying the potential threat areas to minimize losses”, he added.

“FOCUS has developed plan to deal with the potential emergency situation which could arise in low-lying areas of Gojal due to the lake formation”, he said.

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  1. Thank you FOCUS for your pre-and post slide services to the affected communities. Your timely surveys, precautionary plannings and informational activities really helped in the minimisation of human-life and other loses.

  2. FOCUS has done excellent work in providing timely relief and giving advice to people. FOCUS is doing very good job of creating awareness about natural hazards and training volunteers.
    Thank you FOCUS for helping .

  3. Where is NDMA?. we people of Hunza are thank FOCUS and FOCUS volunteer for all help and kindness. FOCUS chairman and directors have been very active in giving advice

    Speaker Wazir Beg has also been very kind.Please start a big programme of Disaster Management and Mitigation in GB province with NDMA in partnership with FOCUS- Pakistan.

  4. The people of the area will always rember and be grateful to FOCUS for all the help,assistance and love that FOCUS has given to people of the area.

    Please NDMA treat this matterr as very urgent.

    38 days after the disaster KKH is still blocked.

  5. thank you FOCUS PAKISTAN ….you are really doing a good job and fulfilling your duty honesty…

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