Wattoo visits Attabad Hunza, assures opening of Khunjrav Pass


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, January 14: The Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo assured the people of Hunza to discuss opening of the Khunjrav Pass for supplying food fuel and other essential items to the Gojal Valley. The largest Tehsil of Gilgit – Baltistan is disconnected from rest of the area due to blockade of Karakuram Highway.

He was addressing a gathering in Altit Hunza during his visit to the disaster hit Attabad village and the school camps established for the people dispalced due to the devastating landslide. He said the government will utilize all resources to provide food to the people of Gojal till the opening of KKH. The Minister distributed relief cheques to the heirs of those who have lost their lives and Rs. 10,000 who received injuries. The Minister also distributed relief goods to about 60 affected families provided by Red Crescent.

“The people of Hunza are well educated, disciplined and well dressed which really inspired me”, he said. He said the Government will rehabilitate the people with a close collaboration of the Ismaili Local Council.

Mutabiat Shah, member GBLA stressed the need to immediately release the water from the lake to save the low lying settlements upstream and downstream.

Syed Mehdi Shah, CM Gilgit-Baltistan announced relief mounting half million from the Karakoram Bank for the affected people.

Dr. Khawaja Khan, President Ismaili Council for Hunza appreciated the role and immediate response of the Government in the disaster situation. He expressed his hope that the Government will speed up the resettlement process of the affected families.

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  1. Can any body tell us what Govt is doing to save Ayeenabad and Shishket.Pamir Times alwasys High lights shortage of fuel and food why you are not writting a single word about Ayeenabad and Shisket.

  2. Its is really Sadness news for all the region. but we proud to the people of GB and our Honerable Institutions to helping the effected people. We are very thankful to the Pamir Time team for their effort to provide us current situation over there. We can’t expect from Govt. concern Dept. to clear the rout ASAP. Make sure our Institutions will do the Best and caring our Effected Families. Once again am very thankful to PT Team. I salut…… Keep the Good Work and Best of Luck..

    Sher Karim Kawish
    Eni Pakistan

  3. At last Wattoo Sahib has taken the trouble of visiting the calamity-hit areas. It is understandable why did it take long time for him to appear in area as he has recently lost his green ministry of production and got the charge of dry ministry for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan. Presently this ministry, which was not as lucrative as some other ones, has got further dried due to the induction a CM and Governor. Wonder how Wattoo Sahib has accepted this ministry which is so far from his interests but may be:
    Pawesta rah shajar se umeed-e-bahar rakh
    Who knows in the next reshuffle of cabinet, Wattoo Sahib may regain the field he plays the best.
    Wattoo Sahib was frequenter to the tv talk shows but since the time he has taken charge of the current ministry he hardly ever appears.
    In past sometimes Wattoo Sahib made possible even what was thought impossible. He became the CM of the largest province when he had only a dozen or so members with him and played his active role. What followed was horrible, Wattoo Sahib had to spent some of his precious years in jail. His days in jail brought out his publication “Musam-e-gul me aseeri ke din”, an account of his days in jail.

  4. We are encouraged with the Govt’s move and committment to support the affected people of Hunza.

    Soonafter receiving an SMS from our great journalist – Zulfiqar from Hunza (Thanks Zulfi and keep it up), the UN Team was immediately mobilized on the 2nd day of the disaster for a rapid needs assessment enabling emergency response. We were in constant contact with Honourable Secretary Home of GoGB, his team in Gilgit and DC Hunza-Nagar.

    However, since, having been mandated for such siuations, NDMA rightly intended to meet the needs of the landslide-affected people of Hunza from Government of Pakistan’s/NDMA’s own resources and would contact UN only when it is beyond NDMA’s capacity and if there is a serious need for UN to intervene. We therefore, cancelled our Emergency Mission to the affected site.

    We are proud of our Federal Government who is so keen to cater for the emergency food and other needs of the vulnerable people of Hunza and we look forward to NDMA’s full support to the affected people of Hunza.

    Nevertheless, let me reiterate that UN World Food Programme shares its full sympathies with you all and assures its full support to the GoP, the Govt of GB and the people of the Gilgit-Baltistan at the time of emergency need as and when asked by the Government.

    Mehmood Hunzai

  5. @ Rehmat, I have not portrayed him as hero, it is otherwise if you have a look at it closely……….

  6. I do not understand what Mr.Wattoo was gaining or contributing by just touching the donations being presented to the people?Every time he put his hands forward but the Red Cross worker handed over the items to the local people.
    We should not allow these people to gain popularity by touching donations of others.It would have been a treat to see him donating from his own pocket (Probably it is empty nowadays)

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