[Opinion] On the murder of Asad Zaidi

by Ahmad Jami Sakhi

 I strongly condemn the cowardly murder of Syed Asad Zaidi, Deputy Speaker of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) on 21st April 2009 at night.

There are several presumptions and suppositions behind the murde of the deceased Deputy Speaker, NALA. Some critiques believe that it is a consequence of the changes and application of Nizam e Adal in Swat valley, while some believe that it was a deliberate action by miscreants to spoil the existing peace and tranquility that has prevailed over the past few years in the Northern Areas.

Some critiques say that some international agencies may be involved in this act to flare-up communal riots in the area, which was volatile and uncertain during early 1970s; reached is climax in 1988; then through the 1990s and the decades of 2000 the situation aggravated several times and sporadic incidents took place in Gilgit town and in the Indus valley. However, the dwellers of Gilgit town and the whole Northern Areas realized that without peace and tranquility the area can’t reap the fruits of development. The NALA played a vital role in the mission for maintaining peace in the whole region. This attack is not just against an elected representative of the people but it is an attack on the people of the whole Northern Areas. We as the citizens of the area, strongly and in unequivocal terms condemn this incidence and emphasis upon the local administration and the law enforcing agencies to take tough actions against the criminals and bring them to justice as soon as possible. So that all other peace loving people can take respite and build their trust on the local administration.

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  1. Mr. Jami you have deliberately well and predicated the assumptions of killig the leader of NALA Syed asad Zaidi, which may any one casuse of the game. But what are our responsibility in this regard.

    in my view as citizen of that area to be well aware of surroundings and one suggestion for Government is that the Hotels would provide weekly report of coming visitors to Government which may help to Police.

    This large game who are playing at our peaceful land and creating misunderstanding ourselves so we should know the tact of our enemy. Awareness by scholars,professors/ political leaders should create to people and also create awareness in schools/colleges/Universities.

    Ever person should be put the medicine which soften the hurt and cure not put salt at the hurts.

    we are all Muslims living peaceful there, when we come together our enemies divides us. Every person should be careful and put the positive efforts inshallah as proverb is that God help those who help themselves.

  2. Dear Jami,

    I apreciate what you have elaboratetd in a diplomatic way but beleive me that this is not going to be an end untill the local people don’t muster up their courrage to fight agaist this “state sponsered ” culprits. We (the northern area people) need to repeat the 1948 sweeop of Dogras? If we don’t, then be ready for a “long bear and shaved moustatches along with a high kneel shalwar.

    Gilgit is vulnerable through Kargah Nullah and Ghizer because they have already advanced through Kohistan to Darel????? They just wait for a month to occupy Gilgit and adjacent regions???
    Let’s see beyond?

    Goodby for your peacefull allusions.

  3. I strongly condemn the murder of Mr. Asad Ziadi (late). May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and may Almighty Allah give strength to his bereaved family to bear this great loss (Ameen). The murder of Asad Zaidi is the murder of a son of the whole Gilgit-Baltistan region. The time to time killing of notables from the area shows the heinous intentions of interest groups who do not want development & peace in our region. I am sure; for the last two decades the people of the area have witnessed a great human life loss, in terms of sectarian killing, target killing and other ways. To day; their children grow in the society with a feeling guilt and depression. They have the equal right to have the kindness of a father. Could we understand that, we the people of Gilgit-Baltistan share the same sky, same region and have a strong cultural, social bondage of centuries. That demands we to live to together united and work for the development of the whole region

  4. I strongly agree the notion and speculation made by Mr. Ahmed Jami Sakhi.we are experiencing a wave of sectarianism from the late 80’s but unfortunately didn’t able to root out the disease.
    Now the whole area should realize the grimy thoughts of the individuals behind such cowardly actions and a collective share of responsibilities and efforts should be made to root out this cancer forever, don’t trust much on regime and administrators, there is a need of a movement just like the lawyer movement where civil society, media and trusted religious leaders can play their role to grind the individuals behind such crimes.

    Shahid Ali Sakhi
    The FMFB Rawalpindi.

  5. Alongwith Malakand and Swat , Nizam-e-adl has been extended to the most parts of Indus Kohistan thus provoking an imminent threat of Talibanization in the Northern Areas. Although whole country is under the threat of radicals’ invasion but NA is particularly focused for a long time because of its strategic position. According to different sources, foriegn hands are involved to grip over KKH to rupture strategic land connection of Pak-China which is the back bone of our country’s progress and security.
    A complex geo-political football is being played agaist Pakistan by the so called “UN mandated forces installed in Afghanistan to justify for a possible de-nuclearization of our crucial assets. The irony is that this is being accomplished through our own people and under-cover of our holy faith.
    The whole nation need to be unite more than ever to defeat this multi pronged threat of foriegn conspiracy.

  6. They murder of Mr. Asad Ziadi (late) is a very big loss for GB political leader ship and i am strongly condemn this murder.
    May Allah rest his soul in internal peace and Allah give strength to his braved family for the great loss (Ameen).

    Ali Aman Gojali

  7. Well narrated sir
    N I am 100% agree with Yar Khan. He s right-
    GOOD PEACE in NAs.

  8. I boils my blood when i see ourselves in the state of denial. Can the praising lot show a holistic picture of the context that led to his murder. It is shame are so mournful about the murder of Asad Zaidi. Indeed, it is a deplorable act. but why we are not mentioning the 13 years old boy who was murdered in the same incident. Even commiseration is allocated only to elite class of North. Shame to all and pity the poor young lad.

  9. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and may Almighty Allah give strength to his bereaved family to bear this great loss (Ameen). T

    However, we Hunzakuts should activate our senses and realize the geopolitical importance of our area. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are the “head” of state of pakistan. Without the head, the state of Pakistan is a dead foul smelling body. What have we recieved in return??? An in-efficient and corrupt Government, secterian strife, economic loss to the people of NA’s that we would have otherwise secured through Tourism and subjugation of our people under corrupt and in-efficient Civil & Military officials.

    Let us wake up, or we shall also be swept in the tide of Talibanization. The state of Pakistan is on a suicide mission and we, thanks to God Almighty, are not part of this rubbish state and have a chance to foresake the state of Pakistan.

    Let us, the Hunzakuts, build bridges with the people of the rest of NA’s and strive to get rid of a failing state or else we shall also fail.


  10. They murder of Mr. Asad Ziadi (late) is a very big loss for GB political leader ship and i am strongly condemn this murder.
    May Allah rest his soul in internal peace and Allah give strength to his braved family for the great loss (Ameen

  11. Ahhhh ||||
    We have lost The great leader Sayed Asad Zaidi THe only And one leader of baltistan

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