CCI minus GB decides Diamir dam’s construction!

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Islamabad, July 18: The Council of Common Interest (CCI) today discussed and ‘approved’ construction of the Diamir – Bhasha Dam in Diamir district of Gilgit – Baltistan region.

Chief ministers of the four provinces of Pakistan participated in the meeting but elected leader of the region where the proposed dam is to be built was not invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by prime minister Gilani.

Construction of the dam has hit a snag due to World Bank’s refusal to provide funds.

Gilgit – Baltistan is yet to gain a say in decisions that have long lasting repercussions for the region’s future. The ‘province-like’ state granted to the region recently under a presidential order does not envisage membership for Gilgit – Baltistan in the Council of Common Interests.

Analysts argue that exclusion of Gilgit – Baltistan’s elected leadership from this important meeting reveals the reality behind the much trumpeted empowerment order.

On the other hand government officials argue that since CM of Gilgit – Baltistan does not have membership in the constitutional body he could not be invited on technical grounds. They are of the opinion that people in Gilgit – Baltistan are generally in favor of the dam’s construction.

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  1. Now is the time that such actions are repulsed by the people of GB themselves because the so-called elected representatives have bitterly failed to bring any fruitful results. The present state of affairs is a complete mess.

  2. what a supposition (“people in Gilgit – Baltistan are generally in favor of the dam’s construction”) and form of subjection (“(CCI) today discussed and ‘approved’ construction of the Diamir – Bhasha Dam in Diamir district of Gilgit – Baltistan region”) …. this downright insult hits me damn hard, honestly! These obvious imperial moves by the center should be openly condemned by the people of GB.

  3. So much for the so called REPRESENTATION of people of NA at NATIONAL LEVEL.

    Everyone knows ISLAMABAD controls NAs directly. These cosmetics of councils and creation of GB is to fool everyone.

  4. Using our Land for Dam is their right and our involvement in decision making is not our right?

    If our elected representatives are true representatives then they should boycott until they not taken in the Board otherwise a movement is need for awareness and full struggle to revised the decision of Basha Dam until our representation should involve in decision making.

    The Government is making our leaders foolish and they are not understanding and they are not true representatives. If they are true representatives then why they not raised their voice in this situation.

    We have to do some thing otherwise our next generation will not forgive us. We will lose our royalty. (we al-ready deprived from water royalty and tourism royalty.)

    Think what are going with us and we should block this .

  5. This is empowerment….haha haha haha rediculous and our respesentatives chant the slogan of empowerment that “For the first time in history the people of GB have been empowered”.

  6. Without Any Push on Govt. The People of GB will never Ever get their basic rights.

    Specially the

    1.Water Royalty that goes and will go into NWFP Or Pakhoonistan,
    2. Tourims Royalty goes direct into the pockets of Punjab Ministers
    3. Sost Customs. All Revenue goes to pockets of Assignes Custom officials and their superiors sitting in Islamabad.

    God Save GB from the Reall Tsunami going to face from the future of this Monopoly,We are being used as slums of Pakistan,Precautions is must for the Future of our New Generations to come.
    We all have the rights to Express our thought and feelings,Now the world has become a Global Village. How long we the Peope of GB…..Must Wait Untill our Royalty Money is spend back to GB on our basic needs.Roads,Educations,Health care,etc

    Basha Dam is the name given but the Truth is……Rive in Diamer….All the Royalty Money must be given to GB.GB must be declare a complete Province of Pakistan
    Name of this Dam and Royalty must be given to the People of Gilgit. Baltistan.its our Rights.

  7. In the land of pure, everything is purely!

    Purely corrupt,
    Purely incompetent,
    Purely dishonest,
    Purely apathetic,
    Purely disoriented,
    Purely unashamed!

    Please don’t expect anything unpure from such a pure lot!

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