[History] How the Hunza river was blocked!

This photograph was taken while the landslide was taking place near Attabad village. Photo by Inayat Ali (Shimshal)

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  1. Inayat bhai, I would say you saved a history from the eyes of your camera. Can you please elaborate how it become possible for you to encounter this natural disaster and take this special photograph.

  2. very eye opening scene it is….I believe this is enough to make all of us realize that everything in this world is helpless and transitory when it comes to natural wrath upon us.God save us.!!

  3. Dear Innyat,
    Excellent picture Inayat! it means that you have seen the disaster with your eyes. This is your luck that you have captured the scine with the lence of your camera.

    with best wishes,


  4. Hey Inayat how did you survive? Did you cross and that happend or you wre on your way to Hunza from Gulmit ? tell us the story.


  5. Wow I haven’t word’s to describe this Pic…Itz Wonder full and Inayat bahi U have done a gr8 job…Really appreciated…!!! God Bless U and Save all the peoples of Gojal from this Disaster….Once again thnxxXx to PT to update us from the whole stitution…!! God bless all the Team of PT…

    Loopyor Zulifiqar and Noor u guys are doing gr8 and wonder full job…!! Keep it Up… God Bless U Guy’s…

  6. waw! dear inayat bhai,
    it just like a dream for all viewers,because this kind of collection from a nearest place is more difficult and impossible for me.
    you are one of the strong heart who faced the distructive situation.

    the most popular collection for gojal and other sites.

    raheem sherazi karachi

  7. May Alaah pay the dead His mercy ( La hawlaah wala quwaah ela bilaah )

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