Gilgit-Baltistan medical students’ quota increased

Islamabad: Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah called on Minister for Health, Makhdoom Shahabuddin on Saturday and discussed matters pertaining to increased quota of medical students in medical and dental colleges of Punjab. The minister apprised the Chief Minister that the federal government under direction of the Prime Minister has decided to increase the quota of medical students of Gilgit-Baltistan from 34 to 64 in the medical and dental colleges of Punjab. [The NEWS]

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  1. The decision to increase the professinal university seats was made by Nawas Sharif, Quaid PML N.the credit goes to him. This decision has nothing t do with PM and federal Govt. we people of GB are thankful to Nawaz Sharif Sahab.

  2. who ever hav done at least done a great job. we r not concerned with nawaz aur zardari we were need of seats and itz done now

  3. I agree with Mr. Sajid Khan that credit should be given where its due. Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif had made this announcement during Shehryar Khan, candidate from GBLA 6 Hunza’s campaign tour on November 6, 2009.

    Moreover, its also important to note here that as of 1st February, 2010, FIVE fully laden trucks, containing food supplies, blankets, and flour have reached the affected site and goods have been handed over to the GB administration. Trucks were sent courtesty of Mr. Nawaz Sharif. This would be the first step in a series of efforts to facilitate the inhabitants of Attabad.

    This was due to the sincere efforts of Shehryar Khan to provide assistance to the victims of the landslide disaster.


  4. Mr. Sayeed, with all due respect, you SHOULD be concerned who is doing what for you. Atleast this way, you will realise who talks and who delivers. When you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk!

  5. @ Ali Aman
    A good leader is the one who always think of the masses, I agree that Mr. Nawaz Sharif even having no parliamentary powers made such a big and beneficial decision that will certainly be remembered by the people. I confront when you try to give the credit to Sheryar Khan. His father was the Chief executive of the region for the entire years of the council but what are his contributions? what good has been done to facilitate the people?
    He was busy with enhancing his private bank account from every possible means wheather legal or other wise.
    As far as the trucks are concern they were probably sent by the Punjab Disaster Management not Nawaz Sharif.

  6. the master plane of krchi city was made by j.u.i but m.q.m delverd it.. the credit goes to the one who implemnt it… as simple the dream of pakistan was given by allama iqbal and founded by m.ali jinah… i hope my friends have get my point what i m trying to say…we should appricte positve work done bye any poltical party.

  7. Dear Irfanullah Baig,

    For God’s sake, let us grow up and think out of the box. If the ex-chief executive was a certain way, this DOES NOT mean that his son would also be the same. Judge Shehryar for who HE is and NOT what his father did or didn’t do. You can’t drive a car by looking into the rear-view mirror! keep talking about the past and you forget to focus on the future. Being the youngest person in the political field, this is a lot of contribution in his capacity to help the people.

    Be it Punjab Disaster Fund or out of plain boredom, the point remains that relief was provided to the affected people through the leadership of Muslim League. Be it Shahbaz or Nawaz or whomsoever.

  8. My Dear Ali Aman. I don’t oppose Ghazanfar family only because I have personal grievances but because I closely know them from ages, none including his wife and children are loyal to Hunza as they never consider themselves Hunzukutz. How can one expect good from sheryar who never respects and don’t let any moment go without insulting and often beating his …. … his elders?. Many of his close circle supporters can testify my unveiling as in the recent elections he insulted his father in front of a crowd. Can we ignore this side of the face of him???
    I also agree that one has to see ahead while driving but the rear view mirror is also very important for a safe drive.
    Don’t you think so?
    Mr. Shabaz Sharif no doubt is a reformer and the bold decision taken has been cherished by the sensible inhabitant of GB. It is a historical gift given to us, I salute them for this wonderful gesture, we need visionary politicians like Mr. Shebaz sharif to up lift the life conditions of the masses. I prey to almighty to help him in his future endures. Had a different candidate been given the ticket, the result would have been encouraging but nevertheless PMLN will defiantly think over next time.
    I also agree that we must not count the trees but eat the mangos. Credit goes to Pujab govt for the aid to Attaabad.

  9. Mr. Irfan, I don’t wish to get into any futher discussion with you regarding this topic. I think its clear that you dont know Shehryar or the family that well, otherwise you would not have made such outrageous claims.

    I was actively involved in the election campaign for Mr. Shehryar where his father was always present with him. I know what transpired and didnt.

    Shehryar has a kind and noble personality and is a Hunzakutz from the core of his heart. He would not sacrifice his professional career to return to Hunza if there was no love and attachment involved.

  10. One necessary correction: It was neither Nawaz Sharif or somebody else who announced the increase of quota for students from Gilgit-Baltistan in medical colleges in Punjab, it was Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, who made this announcement in his address during the election campaign in Ghanche. He is chief executive of the province and has the authority to make such an announcement. The other important announcement which Shahbaz Sharif Sahib was that the he is not only “Khadim-e-Aala” of Punjab but of Gilgit-Baltistan as well. I am sure if there had been any other then he might have forgotten his announcement after defeat in the area but Shahbaz Sharif is committed to do serve the country and its people whether they are from Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar or Gilgit-Baltistan.
    Some time I try to imagine what a nice combination it would be for Pakistan and its people if Shahbaz Sharif was the PM, Imran Khan President, Gen. Kiyani Army Chief and Iftikhar Chudhary Chief Justice of Pakistan. Of course, there are some weaknesses in every human being but this combination seems a lot better than others.

  11. Dear Ali Aman.
    Please don’t take it personal, I have no intensions to hurt your feelings, and if I have done so unknowingly please forgive me.
    You might be right in what you feel about the family, they might have changed their attitude and I sincerely expect that they would change the stiff behavior to gain probably some sympathies of Hunzuktutz in future.
    Dear Ali Aman, Also excuse for not recognizing you as you must be a new well wisher of Ghazanfar family otherwise I would have known you.
    However you have the right to defend them and since I have very bitter experiences to be with them so I am morally bound to try to surface the truth about them.
    God bless you.

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