Hundreds of stranded sudents protest in Gulmit

by Akram Bari & Noor

Gulmit/Islamabad, February 10: Around two hundred stranded students and youth belonging to different villages of Gojal valley staged a protest demonstration against ‘government inaction’ and slow work pace on debris removal in the Tehsil headquarter today.

The protestors chanted slogans against the local administration and said that despite of being stranded in Gulmit for more than six days no concrete step has been taken by the government to provide them any sort of facilities, in terms of accomodation, food and transportation.

Late the relief commissioner Rashid talked to the protestors and said that the government is making all out efforts to help the local people but it is not easy to fight with nature. He said that only one helicopter is operational in the region and it is going throgh repairs. He further said that MI – 17 choppers have been requested from the Army for transportation purpose. He also said that ten boats sent by NDMA are stuck on the Karakuram Highway due to road blocakde at various placed as a result of the recent rains and snowfall. “The boats will resolve transporation issue of the people”, he said.

Rasheed also said that the task of debris removal is not like “opening up of a municipality drainage line and an entire mountain has fallen down parts of which are being removed”. He asked the youth to have patience and cooperate with the government. He also promised food and shelter for the stranded students and youth. He said that patients and students would be given priority when the heli sorties restart.

Zulfiqar Ali Khan adds from Hunza – Ten people including the injured Syed Ahmed Jan, his two attendants, an Italian doctor and some government officials were taken out of Gulmit earlier today by the government helicopter.

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  1. thats sum thing nice job done by the local villas by rising slogans and demonstrate.because the incident was far away toward a forgotten will decide how much the Govt takes interest in it.

  2. Doesn’t it look strange that students demonstrate against a natural phenomenon – any government does not/ cannot control climate anywhere in the world. The helicopter flights to Gojal for the last many days remained suspended only because of the inclement weather conditions. The weather prediction is still not too bright for the next two days. Innocent minds don’t capture the political motivation of the certain elements who tend to instigate even students for their petty political objectives.

    One needs to think over such a situation, seriously.

  3. what a shame mate, is this realy a “government official” belonging from the very local area talking ……. Shame on you fella

  4. well i think there is nothing to be ashamed of, its a rather genuine comment, n if there is any other alternative that u can suggest to this issue than plz go ahead……..

  5. n also a boat service has been initiated to cater this problem, though it got delayed for the boats got stuck due to again the WEATHER CONDITION, but it will soon start from 2mrw, so all the fellow students wont be facing this problem anymore………..

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