Delegation of Shishkat and Gulmit meets MQM leaders in Karachi

by Qasim Shah

Karachi, February 10: A delegation comprising of people belonging to Shishkat and Gulmit met MQM leaders at the party headquarter, 90, here in Karachi. The delegation asked MQM to raise the issues being faced by people of Hunza – Gojal in the national assembly and senate. Led by MQM’s leader from Gojal, Kamil Jan, the delegation comprised of seven people, three each from Shishkat and Gulmit.

Members of the delegation demanded of the MQM to take steps for declaring Gojal as a calamity hit area and start relief operations in the region. They also demanded deployment of more machinery and men for breaching the artificial lake formed on River Hunza that has partially submerged Ayeenabad ward of Shishkat and poses serious threat to other parts of Shishkat and low laying areas of Gulmit.

The delegation also demanded of the government to hold talk with the Chinese government to allow import of fuel and flour at subsidized rates.

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  1. MQM has received huge support in its 1st participation of GBLA election in Gilgit Biltastan, now it is the right time for MQM to highligh this disaster and raise this issue in Parliment and force the sleeping government to take immediate steps and declare the area calamity hit area and to work out on the relase of water with hydrolic pumps which is the most effecient and quick soluation.
    because Shishkat village is being politically victomized by the ppp government for voeting for the MQM Candiate in last election

  2. for God sake don’t bring your politics here, this is not the right time for political scoring, bring unity among all Hunzai’s and put all your efforts together to pressurize government.. if we will continue with political scoring then main villages will submerge into Hunza river.
    Please all political activist, time is running out, the only solution is to open the artificial dam ASAP and nothing else, FWO & CRBC you have the solution so please bring more machinery and boost your working hours.

    God save Gojal

  3. All rubbish, wild accusations will serve no purpose. We need to be honest and brave to face consequences of a natural disaster. Also need to avoid a blame game, which is called “politics of disaster”.

    Sada, Gilgit

  4. “Khuna inja kuch tha por” incidenthappen in Hunza, meetings in karachi. nice
    Agree with Sada..

  5. I do not think the visit to 90 was a political mileage scoring. I was part of the delegation. The purpose of visit was to get support of MQM legislators in this difficult time. We requested the MQM members of National Assembly & Senate to speed up the work which is progress but very slow. No doubt it is not time for politics but everyone should use their cards to get work done in time otherwise, everyone will regret.

  6. It is the time for the people of hunza to differentiate among the so called public leaders of the area. Who did what? where are the leaders. Are they with the people of hunza? Plz Plz recognize the real leaders in this time of trouble?

  7. Instead of meeting such political parties of pakistan.if we met a chinese envoy in a delegation it might be good to some extent as to beg for a pity over the incident they would do some thing at least to lseek lesson for the pakistanis. Despite of meeting and hearing a long harangue speeches of the pakistani ministers who come to view the beautiful lake.

  8. Meeting the unknow “Leaders” of MQM at 9 0 is useless, MQM will do nothing as they and PPP are busy killing each other at Karachi.
    Mr. Kamil Jan is just trying political point scoring.

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