Pamir Times’ Video Reports

[Video 1]: Advancement of lake towards Gojal


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

[Video 2] Boat to Gojal


[Video 3]: FCNA commander talking to media


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  1. Thanks Zulfi for such a marvelous efforts. It is indeed a worrisome situation for the entire population of Upper Hunza. Natural calamities have always been cruel and pitiless. Human efforts to counter such threat have always been very limited and feeble. Especially for a state like Pakistan without any proper geological knowledge base, machinery and other necessities it is almost next to impossible to deal with such situation. It seems that aid is coming and efforts are made to release the water, but fighting nature has been a challenge.

  2. Dear zulfiqar sb and you team

    Thanks for updating us who we are leaving far from Hunza,
    how about water level at slide area, how long it takes to release water, can you put some latest photos of slide area, where FWO are working.

    Thanks again , keep it up

    with best wishes

  3. The press briefing was informative and scary at the same time

    Has any one done Dam modelling based on the materials,the terrain, and the topographic survey?. Why does not FWO put the soil tests and barrier profile on website so International experts can give input. Look what happened in Hattian–the barrier broken recently. In 1858 a dam burst take place near Attabad and water caused damage even as far as Attok. This is serious matter and lot of lives and assets are at stake.

    Moving forward,the NDMA should get a detail survey of all landslides in G-B and start a long term disaster mitigation and management programme.

    We hard working people of Gojal will like to Thank you FOCUS for providing relief to the people and making awareness about disaster .

  4. It is indeed a pleasure to be updated on the latest development of the Atta Abad disaster through video clips. Hats off to Zulfiqar for his untiring efforts. The video clip on boat service operation has been removed from the website. Any good reason for that? Kindly reinstall the video clip for the information of all viewers.

    I have noticed that only criticism on the government efforts have been shown whereas the media should be neutral and should give both side of the picture rather than only criticizing.

    Well done Pamir Times.

    Syed Nazim-Ud Din

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