Mehdi Shah assures full support to disaster affected people

Chief minister of Gilgit - Baltistan speaking during a meeting about the Attabad disaster aftermath held in karachi by the women wing of PPP Hunza. Photo Release

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  1. Although Mehdi Shah’s powers are bound to the ’empowerment package’ and all the powers have been provided to the L-Council. Mehdi Shah can only propose some suggestions in the council’s meeting rgardless of being heard and passed?? This man (along with his assembly) can only impose taxes to please the centre. The fundamental legislative powers have been provided to the L-Council which will have (some meetings in the future… don’t know when??) and alongwith the mandate of majority votes, they will decide for the developement of the area….???? (provided if their ‘government will exist’??? Bla bla bla.

  2. It was the blunt joke with the people of Gilgit Baltistan as their representatives whom they elected by voting were powerless and the whole exercise were not more than a formality.

    What a democracy!!!!!!!!

  3. This is a continuous process of meetings in the presidency of sated mehdi shah for the rehabilitation of Gojal , but no one knows when the time of action is to come ???
    one thing is still not clear to people of gilgit baltistan that either GB is province of Pakistan or not? because the assembly of mehdi shah have still no much rights to pass any bill for the betterment of GB

  4. I would appreciate Mrs. Hakima Rehmat Ullah Baig Alvi for putting her efforts to make the current government of GB informed and lobbying for an affirmative action about the uncertain situation aftermath of the disaster at Attaabad and its current severe impact on Gojal and expected historic disaster downstream of the artificial lake. The caption under this picture is not correct. What i heard in this regards was a hi-tea invitation from one of the PPP women wing leadership of Hunza and some village student associations of Gojal based in Karachi to show their concerns and demands on the above said issue. This is what we should and must follow by interacting with decision makers and responsible offices through dialogue, motivation and political influence. This is called positive politics for the people, by the people and of the people. I think blaming government and blogs for doing good and bad is not an issue, we should learn that how effective and positively we can contribute as an individual and groups without any personal and political interest, and should avoid blaming based on likes and dislikes.

  5. What if the leadership is not even prepared to listen to the people because facing the people means facing the realities, here the military bureaucracy who were there at the time of disaster have created a huge gulf between the political government and the people.

    I think this gulf of mistrust still exists until the government realizes that and makes honest efforts to repair that trust breach. The political adventurists (mostly those who are threatened by the overwhelming victory of PPP from Gojal) have been using the youth for their own political and financial gains out of this situation.

    I blame the local PPP leadership for this as they did not come forward to lead the youth towards meaningful dialogues with the political leadership of the region. The beneficiaries are still those who have been ruling the region through tyranny in the time of mirdom and afterwords with the help of military dictatorships and the corrupt bureaucracy.

  6. the steps taken(if) by the so called CM of GB will show the innocent people of gojal that they are sincere with them . how could we hope from a pipette assembly ,who are not able to even form their own policies and we think they will help us ??????

  7. i thing the gojal news team should cover and report the whole news in detail its not appropriate to report it like this ..

  8. The samphathy shown by the Chief Minister of GB Govt with the people of afftected areas of Hunza is a good sign. The governmnet has proved some effeciency in field work. We should not ignor it. Every one belonging to Hunza must seek help from every persons and governmnet in good manner. Mr. zulfiqar and others people done a good job in projecting the diasters and voice of people to the whole world who enjoyiing Net service. Please keep the service continue.

  9. Oh!!!!! ma god what will be the futureof this country….cant tell anything about it……..

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