Muzaffar Bhaijan of Gojal Youth Organization on a hunger strike in Gilgit city

Muhzaffar along with members of the Gojal Youth Organization is on a hunger strike, protesting government's "inaction" during the crisis situation in Hunza

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  1. I on behalf of Gohar Abad Students(GS) express solidarity with people on hunger strike against government’s inaction and apathetic attitude in doing away with problems of the disastor hit area.

  2. i must say the AKDN Institutions play their worst role in this disaster …and people who lead these institution the hunza regions what are they doing …till now the didn’t do any thing …they just help to distribute goods in victims…i am asking to them what they do till now…why this matter is still ignored why?????? who will high light this globally and when …..the relatives i lost in my village are due to FOCUS and gov’t ignorance … i urge please please save gojal …and help us the victims of attabad for rehabilitation …looking forward to our leaders how are still sleeping plz get up

  3. Dear Bhaijan,

    We really proud of you and appreciate you on your unique actions, God bless you and give you courage for more steps,

    Shahid Ali

  4. Great idea Muzaffer You had first the idea of Peace walk from Gojal to Rawalpindi and now on Hunger strike Great but please involve the people of Gojal with you.

    Keep Moving Take Care


  5. God bless u brother you are proved to be a real patriot of ur mother land the type of efforts you made in the past as well as you trying currenty is a real hard work but you are contributing your part as a few has dun in the past. its a proud and lesson for all the young youth to sacrifice sum thing from their side and also stnad beside you to give courage. . .

  6. What really bothers me is the fact that newly established Government lags behind in formulating a strategy, advocating and lobbying with its own people for specific resource allocation for early mitigation of problems which the dwellers of the disaster hit villages are facing.
    Except praising the JIYALLAH force, Mr. WAZIR BEG has done nothing. He could have done few but concrete ones. He could have and can ask federal government for provision of heavy machinery for removal of debris. He could have requested the United Nations and OCHA for provision of assistance in terms of provision of food and non food items and hiring vacant houses in all villages of the cluster just like the NWFP government did for SWATI affectees. This could have helped the families live up with integrity. He could have asked Federal Government for separate resource allocation for both Affectees from Attala (resettlement/rehabilitation) and Upper Hunza (area of evolving disaster) but one must remember what Sheikh Haider has said to Wazir Beg about him “I (Shaikh) am illiterate and you (W.Beg) is the name of a bamboo stick, we both can’t do anything for the region”

    The change will only evolve if people step ahead to reinforce

  7. It is hard to fail,
    but it is worse never
    to have tried to succeed.
    (Theodore Roosevelt)

    good luck muzzafar bai jan……..

  8. dear bhaijan
    you have an excellent political thinking.
    I have no words to describe it. first the peace walk and now this hunger strike for the people of gojal. We all students studing in islamabad are proud of you………jiya bhai jan

  9. Zaaqor good initiative and you always start working with inspirations the governments should looke over their demands of these young and energetic guys who have played a very measure role to bring peace and stabilities in the region as well as all over pakistan. No doubt as Saleem bayee stated he is the one from gojal who took a peace mission and rode bicycle from khunjrab to Islamabad.

    Ali Masud

  10. thanks Muzafar Bhaijan for raising your voice for the affected people and for your homeland through your unique has been a great effort on your part and we hope it will bring some impact on the government to take actions.

    Sher Khan


  11. Why the people of Gojal are sleeping. Where are the Jiyalas. What are they doing why are they not asking Wazir that what is he doing. Just sleeping in his office one thing he is doing thati s he is taking revenge from people of Shishket.

  12. Its really a strange attitude of the government towards the
    disaster in hunza.I dont think government is doing some thing.
    Our people encouraged the government whole heartedly but
    in return its doing nothing.Where are the people who were giving us a hope?who were convincing our people to support this government?what our leaders are doing?We dont even see single article about this huge distruction in any news paper.
    Our lives are at risk and we are still looking toward our government.If it is unable to do anything then why we are not taking the issue to foreign agencies.?
    Please save our lives,save gojal.
    Meher jabeen

  13. um really speechless how to thanks this young man!!!! i love u brother and hope our leaders will learn some thing from you!!!! God bless u.

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