Baby with a rare genetic disorder born in Gilgit

GILGIT: A child with a very rare genetic skin disorder Harlequin-type ichthyosis was born in Gilgit Friday night that brought dozens of people to the hospital to catch a glimpse of the child.

According to details, the child has red stripes all over the body and his hands are different than normal human babies. Eyelids of the baby are also severely averted, which leaves the eyes and the area around them very susceptible to trauma whereas the lips are pulled by the dry skin.

According to Dr Iftikhar, a pediatrician, the child is suffering from a rare skin disease Harlequin-type ichthyosis due to which the body looks like a tiger. He said that continuous cousin marriages may result in such cases.

In Pakistan, four such cases have been reported so far and all four died soon after the birth.

In the past, the disorder was invariably fatal, whether due to dehydration, infection (sepsis), restricted breathing due to the plating, or other related causes. The most common cause of death was systemic infection and sufferers rarely survived for more than a few days. However, there have been improvements in care due to modern medical practices.

The oldest known survivor is 24-year old Nusrit Nelly Shaheen. Most sufferers die when they are babies. SAMAA

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  1. Poor soul!!!

    It is inhumane to visit only to have a glimpse of a suffering human instead of helping him. Neither it is a miracle nor scary, it is simply a disease caused by unknown factors that needs to be addressed medically. People should donate the money (for his treatement) they spend visiting him. This behaviour denotes that our soceity has entirely lost the Islamic code of ethics.

  2. We must respect Gods miracalous wonders.Among these,HE has given d human mind to ponder on every of HIS signs. This child suffers 4m rare genetical skin disorder..No stories to shape of…..

  3. Dua for good health!

    The physical deficiencies at birth are not genetically. Advance researches argue on the lack of pre birth care, imbalance and insufficient diet of expected mother and exposure of expected mother to toxic environment and use of drugs during pregnancy as cause for deficiencies in growth. The medical tests of the new born could tell more on the deficiencies and the result should be shared for awareness raising.

    May God heal his suffering.

  4. Taoba,or astagfar kar na chahiye.qudrat ka karashma ha us ko kon chillange kar sak ta ha.(Fabi aiyi alaa hi rabi kuma tukaziban). Ya allah too raham kar,Ameen.

  5. This baby absloutely the miracle of GOD. I wish long live this baby.

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