Marvi Memon joined Gojal youth in hunger strike at Karachi press club

Photos by : Zafar Bari

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  1. I have been observing Marvi Memon as an extraordinary personality particularly for her interest in the affairs of GB (politically marginalized region). Prior to analyse her as a young (energetic political worker), I tried to have some information from wikipedia which is as follows:-
    Parliamentarian Marvi Memon (Urdu: ماروی میمن) is a politician from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Marvi Memon is a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly. Marvi Memon’s father, Nisar Memon is a prominent politician and Senator in Pakistan belonging to Pakistan Muslim League (Q).

    1 Education
    2 Citi Bank Career
    3 PML-Q And Support for Pervez Musharraf
    4 Responsibilities in the National Assembly
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    [edit] Education
    After schooling in Karachi and Paris, Marvi Memon graduated from the London School of Economics with a B.Sc. (Economics) Honors in International Relations. With internships at Dawn, Newsline, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, International Union for Conservation of Nature.

    [edit] Citi Bank Career
    She started her career as a banker at Citibank where she specialized in Marketing and Quality Management. After that, she launched Pakistan’s first satellite tracking fleet management concern which established her as an entrepreneur and the youngest women CEO at the time.

    [edit] PML-Q And Support for Pervez Musharraf
    Her next assignment led her to defend President Pervez Musharraf and his policies in the media. She heavily backed Pervez Musharraf’s Women Protection Bill. She then worked as a Public Relations Expert with Pakistan’s Board of Investment. She is politically affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League (Q).

    She has a son. She enjoys playing golf and painting. She has publications in journals and newspapers relating to foreign affairs in her name. She is a Regular Twitter user and recently her tweets have increased in numbers.

    [edit] Responsibilities in the National Assembly
    Marvi Memon is a member of the National Assembly committees on:

    Foreign Affairs
    Women Development
    Defence and Nuclear Program
    Law and Order
    Science & Technology
    Legislative Training and Environment

    Apart from her very career, it seems that she has a particular instinct of a being whether it is affiliated to a particular sense of nationalism, sensitivity to the issues of deprived, self consciousness, vision for the nation or a possible adherence to the logic and reason?

    I am very much interested to know more about her. Not because for her physical attractiveness (which she has and many might be interested for this purpose-thinking of approaching hands towards thigh and hip!!!! which is a shamefull act but unavoidible not only in Pakistan but around the world by most of the men towards women) since she is a married woman and has a child, I respect her as a good intellectual citizen of my country. I am not at all in favour of any political party but the approach of an individual to the national as well as global issues. The way she looks the future is something we all need to address in the same way.

    Note:- I request PT to publish it as it is or delete it entirely.

  2. Marvi Memon always raises the voice of Gilgit Baltistan in the National Assembly and other forums. She is not only a politician but a sincere friend and she was in the protest not because of any invitation by the party PML (Q). She herself joins the protest and she promised that she will raise this issue in the national assembly.

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