"Three cups of deceit" by John Krakauer claims to "expose" Greg Mortenson and Central Asia Institute

The book blames Greg Mortenson of using CAI funds for personal luxuries. Greg has agreed that some of the books content were fabricated by the writer-cum-editor.

See this report on New York TIMES 

John’s book is available online free of cost for 72 hours 

Read Greg Mortenson’s Most Recent Interview HERE

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  1. I am very much agreed with the words of John Krakauer said about Greg mortenson. As far as the book THREE CUPS OF TEA is concerned, no doubt that is a nice book written about the adventures done by Greg. But if we like the book so it doesn,t mean at all that greg is 100 % true and honest with the sentences he has been doing. No one can trust an author because of the words he/she mentions in book or newspapers etc.
    The first point i want to mention over here is if these guys are that honest with the poor children or people and want to educate them so why most of the fund goes to their own pockets?
    I dont want to mention the name of a so called representative of CAI and GREG from Pakistan whose name is also written so proudly in the book THREE CUPS OF TEA and he is involved in educating girls from Gilgit-Baltistan but its very clear to every people of GB that this so called representative is an uneducated man but if you look at his assets and lifestyle these days one can,t believe that he is a man from poor background.
    He is responsible for bringing girls from GB and keep them in the hostel but is unaware of the condition of the hostel where these girls are living. Means he demands hell of money from CAI and pays lupsum money as expenses for the needy girls.
    From this live example i am gonna agree with John Krakauer.

    CAI must monitor the projects from time to time and must not give responsiblity to ignorant and hungry people.


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