Only the Arab-Africa awakening?

South Asia is being ruled by certain families, who have been running with the ‘democrats’ and hunting with ‘dictators’. The people are slowly detaching from affairs of the state, fighting a never-ending war for survival, or just dying due to hunger, if not terrorism.

Almost similar situations were being faced by the people in several Arabian and African nations. A refreshing wave of change is sweeping across the region.

Can/shall the wave of change also come to South Asia? Who will bring it?

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  1. As for as the change in Arab Countries is concerned, I would not agree that it is a sign of a revolution or revolution itself. This is a kind of some pictorial change from the Monarchy into the glimpse of sustainable Democracy. That area had been remained under the dictatorial phase and its a long way to go into the solid foundations of Democracy and which one that would be decided by t he people. The current lava which is erupting the the Arab belt is a change in semantic scene not in the pragmatic sense.

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