[Pictory] Thagm festival celebrated in Gulmit, Gojal

MMS photos by Akram Bari

The word Thagm, (Persian Tukhm) means seed and the festival heralds arrival of spring and the starting of farming season.

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  1. Shogun Bohor Muborak

    To every member of xik community, my brother, cousins, friends living around the world and those living back home, the second seasonal festival of the xik community. it is indeed the official opening ceremony of Spring season when our people practically get engaged with cultivation for the next season

    It is part of our unique culture that we start every activity with the name of the Creater through his messenger Hazrat Mohammad (Sual Allau Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wassalam), the Imaman and Peeran. We used to seek Allah’s blessings and thankgiving for every. This way people were very closed to their religion but the pursuit of material well-being has driven us away.

    Common people attribute these disasters to this fact that perhaps we have started to leave our unique cultural rituals and practices.

    Sher Karim & Nahida
    Faroo and Saad
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  2. Shogun Bohor Muborak to all my loving people ********

    Is the festival taken place in gulmit only or Gojal 1 and 2 also the report is coming.
    Only from one side it should be balance .i am sorry to say that ,
    amin islamabad

  3. missing the shogun day…..shogun mubarak 2 all my brothers,sisters in gojal

  4. Dua for Strength!!

    May each seed you grow this spring gives enough strength to the soil and pushes the water release from the artificial lake and your dear home land becomes green forever!!

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