“Let’s Learn Wakhi”, new blog launched on Navroz

A new blog has been launched by Rahim Khan and Muhammad Ali, students  of AKU – IED, for learning Wakhi online.

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  1. Good efforts but the fonts and alphabets are not actual wakhi fonts. Wakhi language has its roots from Persian and its scripts should also resemble Persian..If we forget these minor things one day we are going to forget our identity.
    so I suggest that this script should not be used, it should be changed to persian it is the actual and original wakhi script.

  2. Thank you PT for giving space here. Thank you Abid for your feed back. This effort is to save our language from extinction and it should be our collective effort. We should not indulge ourselves with this myth that either it is originated from Persian or some other. We did not develop these scripts they are internationally recognized sounds and we just bring them in use.
    If we remain in this debate either to adopt Cyrillic, Roman or Persian script, up till that our language will be lost. Tajik people use Cyrillic, what happen if we adopt/adapt internationally recognized sounds.

  3. Dear Rahim khan&Muhammad Ali

    Indeed I am so Happy about your positive initiative towards wakhi language, on line learning. The world to day is merging together
    so called global village. A language like wakhi,for long time to come it will be difficult to keep it is identity, as spoken language.
    It is the right time you have taken the responsibility to make it on line learning. Not only wakhi speakers will benefit from the Alphabets for learning reading and writing. Also non wakhi speakers those who are interested to learn such languages will be beneficial for them to learn online wakhi language.
    with best regards.
    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia

  4. The Globalization has many pros and cones in return. The extinction of different regional languages and dialects are given credits to the Globalization by many Sociologists.
    Like this the Wakhi language is also feeling threats from the so called Globalization.According to research conducted by the UN shows that the regional languages spoken in the Northern parts of Pakistan are going to extincted or lose their originality in the near future. Thus,it was nesscery to save our language from vanishment.
    The above blog “lets learn wakhi’ is indeed a very positive step toward its preservation but as a student of Social Sciences,I have learnt that language is the integral part of our culture,which depicts our origination and cultural evolution.
    As the tajiks have their roots with persian tradition and the wakhi language has been driven out from the Persian language.In this case,I think, if the Persian script was adopted,would add more beauty to the Wakhi language and help the learner to learn the alphabets easily.

  5. I think if linguists like Sir Rahim and Sir Mohammad Ali will bring our wakhi language on the screen, the UN report will be not any more true in which they says- Wakhi is in red zone including other 16 language of Pakistan, which will finish in the next 50 years.
    Brilliant effort Sirs for conserving our mother language.

  6. @ Asim Saeed, thank you for your nice feedback, I 100% agrees with you as student of Social Science as well. We must be rooted in Persian/Arabic script. Many questions arises either this is Arabic script or Persian? What was the earler script of Persian and in what way they write that script? If our language Wakhi is originated from Persian and came out from Persian language than what scripts are there for the typical sounds of Wakhi? If not, what it means?
    Second, is there general agreement on the script develop by our writers (Like Wakh Magazine, Ahmed Jami Sakhi, Nazir Ahmed Bulbul and many other poets who preserve their poetry as well our language) among the people of Gojal, Ishkoman, Brughail, Tajikistan, Wakhan-Afghanistan and China Wakhis? Who will take lead and how s/he will develop consensus among us? Is this easy job and will not take more time and should we wait for that?
    From educational point of view do you think students easily learn Arabic Script or Roman?
    From IT revolution side is there any software for Wakhi or some one is able to develop that for us to use it on online education?
    So Dear Asim there are many other challenging question which needs resources (time, knowledge, skills, money etc) to address on which we reflected upon for several times. Anyone who takes lead in that way I am ready to follow his/her foot step.
    Basically our purpose is to preserve our language, before time comes of extinction for it and if we do more delay it will, let’s do some thing and start journey. Thank you for bring this burning issue for discussion.

  7. @ Rahim Sir
    I cently agree with the challenges and problems which you have mentioned.We are going to preseving our language
    from extinction by recording it in Roman script but don’t you think that in the long run it will lose its originality by introducing the Roman script.Many question will arise regarding the origination of the language whether it is a Roman created lanugae or Persian formed language.I think it will create more confusions while writing our cultural history.
    As in my knowledge,there had been some research made on Wakhi language in Persian script by Mr.Asmat Ullah Mushfiq from Chuperson Gojal.Isn’t it a authenic and reliable source to put forwad the research process?
    Your efforts regarding the preservation of Wakhi language is very appreciatable.I think,some radical steps will be require to preserve our language,as some have been taken by you and our linguists,other then that Wakhi language should be made a compulsory subjects in schools were wakhi language is spoken,the way we are taught English and Urdu language.Media is the dominating force of Social change,so media should be use at its maximum.

  8. @ Asim Saeed: I agree with your justification, it is not my intention to continue this work for a long period. And I don’t know about Mr. Amat Ullah Mushfiq’s work and how he has proved that? But an academic research is dire in need. Worldwide there are research works on Wakhi language and they believe it belongs to Indo-European languages family. Still such questions are required to remove any confusion. Any sources of knowledge, in the form of research, are developed by human being and it is not ‘the Final’.

  9. —Congrats on such a big initiative. This is the time of English and the font u people designed will creat its own place with in the youth. Today- the main stress of every one is on english, easy to understand-Keep it up!

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