First local governor of Gilgit – Baltistan reaches Gilgit on her first visit

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Gilgit, April 13: Dr. Shama Khalid, the first local governor of Gilgit – Baltistan has reached Gilgit city today. According to information obtained by Pamir Times the governor was received at the helipad by chief minister of Gilgit – Balitstan on her arrival. It is pertinent to note that recently Gilgit – Baltistan was given a ‘province-like’ status under a presidential order dubbed as “Empowerment Order of Gilgit – Baltistan”.

Election of a local governor, chief minister, a legislative assembly and a regional legislative council (upper house) were some of the measures taken under the package.

Bowing to the popular local demand of appointing a local governor in Gilgit – Baltistan Dr. Shama Khalid was appointed as governor recently.

The nationalist parties and many other independent analysts and observers have rejected the package as a bogus attempt to divert attention from the the demands of complete self autonomy.

Despite of all the reservation against this package people from almost all walks of life have appreciated appointment of Dr. Shama Khalid as governor of the region.

Duding the first visit she is expected to meet IDPs of Attabad, see the disaster hit area and address a meeting at Gulmit, Gojal.

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  1. I thanks on the behalf of (SYS) Shishkat Youth Society, to our Governor and the Govt of Pakistan included Minister Kaira and Speaker (GBLA) Wazir baig to visit the area of Attabad,Ayeenabad & Shishkat Gojal Hunza and also visited the areas which are badly damaged and announces the calamity hit area to these villages and it is my request to Govt & Governor that the packages you announced to these areas should implement as soon as possible.

  2. I went through the profile of Dr Sham Khalid in Express Sunday magazine in Urdu on 4th April 2010. So you can get the profile from there.

  3. i jus wonder are we really given a true status of province or jus a dummy province to freez people frustrations of last 60 years….


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