Calamity hit status for Gojal, Attabad and Sarat notified

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Islamabad, April 15: Official notification declaring Gojal valley, Attabad Bala, Attabad Payeen and Sarat as calamity hit areas has, finally, been issued according to information obtained from the office of deputy home secretary Gilgit – Baltistan.

It was a long standing demand of the people of Gojal valley that their area be declared as calamity hit and proper measures be put in place for reviving livelihood in the region. While the former interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan had declared the region as calamity hit and promised resolution of the issues created by the January 4 landslide and the resulting lake formation, the official notification had not been issued as yet. Delay in issuance of the notification status irritated the local people who resorted to protests yet again and declared extreme measures, including marching towards the Chinese border for help.

The notification, details of which are not fully know yet, is expected to bring relief and satisfaction to people of the disaster hits parts of Hunza valley.

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  1. Indeed it is a sign of relief for the affectes of the devastating disaster. It will create coordination between the administration and the people,which was lacking before.
    We all hope the administration will try its level best to satisfy the general public.

  2. what about the entire population of Gojal who have been cut-off from rest of the countries since January 04, 2010, their livelihood being disrupted for the coming year and until road link is established??????????????

    What about Ayenabad, Shishkat sinking minute by minute?

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