[Artist Profile] Najmul Hasaan Kazmi: A miniature artist from Skardu

Born in Skardu, Kazmi intends to establish an art institution under the name of ‘Kashmir Art & Craft School’ in collaboration with government of Gilgit Baltistan (GB). “This would help promote indigenous art and craft and impart technical education of art and craft to people for earning independently,” Kazmi said, adding, no such vocational institute existed in GB to promote art and make people aware of their rich cultural heritage.

Nomad Director Nageen Hyat said Kazmi’s experimental work on various surfaces spilled over to more playful images and contemporary topics. “The artist is highly respected for his excellent renditions and commitment to his field of choice. He is a prolific exponent of miniature paintings in the Mughal and Persian art expression and has gained proficiency in Papier Mache traditional craft,” she said, adding, Kazmi is endowed with an extraordinary aesthetic sense when it comes to combining colours in miniature art.

The exhibition will continue at the Nomad Gallery (House No. 22, Sector F-6/1) till April 29.

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  1. Born in Skardu, wants to promote indigenous art and craft and technical education, willing to promote, awareness among the people of GB of their rich cultural heritage ( which is appreciable)…. the question is why “Kashmir Art and Craft School”……why not “GB Art & Craft School”?

  2. Dear kazmi,

    Heartiest congratulations. I am just curious, if u intend to promote and highlight culture of Gilgit Baltistan than why you want to name your institute Kashmir Art & Craft ..

  3. Maybe, he is one of the persons who consider Gilgit – Baltistan as pert of Kashmir!!!

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