[World Earth Day] Hunza joins the world in celebrating nature

A young artist sketching her dream during the Earth Day event in Hunza. Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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HUNZA, April 21: The two-day celebrations related to “World Earth Day” have started in Hunza. A variety of programmes were held on the first day in Aliabad, the administrative headquarter of Hunza subdivision, in order to create awareness regarding the graving environmental issues our world is confronting.

Karakoram Area Development Organization-KADO with the collaboration of earth day network organized a mega event at Hunza Public School in  Aliabad.  Students from different schools and members of scouts groups participated in art, quiz and speech competitions held to commensurate the day’s theme. The main focus of the event remained on fragility of the environment and the planet Earth. The students also highlighted the devastating phenomenon of Jan 04 in which the landslide devastated the Attabad village and blocked KKH and Hunza River.

In a separate event, the Ismaili Boy Scouts and Shaheens participated in “Keep Hunza Clean Moot” in Aliabad Bazar area, the commercial hub of Hunza-Nagar district. The Scouts cleaned the main street and removed graffiti from the walls.

KADO also developed and telecast different environmental awareness programmes through Suju Hunzu, a local cable channel operating in central Hunza.

A major event has been scheduled on April 22 in which the representatives of district administration and civil society organizations will discuss the environmental issues and recommend or advocate possible proactive solutions on the wake of properly establishing Hunza-Nagar district.

It is worthy to mention here that the world is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day on April 22, which was officially created by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970.

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  1. It is a good effort. But the repeated activities of KADO are mainly confined around Karimabad and Aliabad, which doesn’t fulfill the main purpose of the organization to serve in the whole Karakorum region. It has not been able yet to reach fully in upper and lower Hunza since its establishment.

  2. It is indeed good activates in Karimabad but why KADO is only focusing karimabad not other Areas of Karakorum is it Karimabad Development Organization or Karakorum Development organization !?

  3. — Some thing is better than nothing-I do agree with Sultan & SABA. This remains my observation that, inspite doing all the activities expantion of the ideas remained mostely focused in central part of Hunza.

    —– Few of the pioneer and very active directors for bid the Organization which really needs to access and to find the solutions. As other AKDN and Imamati institutions mostly the Institutions are personality driven not idea or long and short planning driven. This is a food of thought for us all, how we make and build strong institutions with long and short term planning. Today this is a question for us and how we see it on a sustainable approches for a better future of our people.

    —–Still we are divide on village languages and other unlogical basis-which is not good for us and for the comming generations. In every institutions napotisium at its peck, inspite of all progress we are still looking things through thick and thin, family and personal gains and benifits.

    —–I know Mr. Ghulam Ali, whom has really the vision and he can make a broader visions and open new vestas for the different areas and make KARAKURUM Development Organisation not Karimabab or Ali abad-DO. This now depend on the selection of team-how they understand all the narrated factors.


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