Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

KIU administration compensates victim of fraud

PT Report

Islamabad, February 26: According to information received by Pamir Times, the administration of Karakuram International University has duly compensated the monetary loss suffered by a student who was dodged by a gang of cheaters, who also made a fool of the DC Gilgit and the Vice  – Chancellor.

Kavita was given a sum of rupees 240,350 at office of the deputy registrar.

The decision of KIU administration has been appreciated by public circles, but they have also cautioned the VC and other higher ups to show more care in the future.

It is pertinent to note that contrary to initial reports only Kavita had submitted the money, working on instructions of a person who impersonated the Federal Trade and Commerce Minister, Makhdoom Amin Faheem.

4 thoughts on “KIU administration compensates victim of fraud

    1. The answer is, they will pay it from University’s funds.

      The next question is, where is the “thugged” money gone? Will it ever be recovered? was it all about getting the money back anyway? or was it more about bringing the criminals to the light, and thence to justice? since now the victims have been appeased, there is nobody left who would whine about the “investigation”, and hence, laying the process of investigation to a rest (that happens in our system). who made it happen? Whose what decision put the “investigation” to bed? How come Vice Chancellor took such a swift decision, she is known for taking months to solve problems which would not at any stage involve her correctly as a culprit.

      If I was the “Makhdoom Ameen Fahim”, I would want Kavita to stop crying out loud, so i would want her to be compensated, of course on somebody else’s expense, somebody again, who would not object to incurring that expense, the government.

  1. Good for Kavita to have received back the money.

    Now will any reporter of PT in Gilgit ask the VC if compensation was from her personal funds or Public funds ?

    If it was personal then there is nothing for us but if it was Public money then she better reimburse University with that amount as it is Mis-use of Public funds.

    While her prompt action in solving the problem to the extent of Kavita is laudable but no justification to commit mis-conduct through miss use of Public money.

    As this fraud was committed with the help of Bank [ money was deposited into Bank Account ] under Banking Laws Bank is responsible to identify the culprit and assist with the recovery of amount. Under State Bank regulations Bank is bound to have real identity of account holder not only that liable to compensate for any losses due to its negligence in implementing State Bank directives.

    I hope every one understands the seriousness of this crime unless it is nipped in the bud then who will trust a Bank ? As long money is deposited into bank then one is safe as it can not vanish into thin air like cash, there has to be trail if there is none then whom so ever is responsible for it he/she should be held to task.

    I hope Madam VC had followed the rule this impression of paying out of Public funds is perhaps due to fact no one asked her for clarification. My sincere apology if my comments have hurt her as she had an impeccable record herself as well her hubby VC of Punjab University.

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