Immediate action for opening of Chinese border demanded

(L-R) Kiramat Ullah, Saleem Ullah, Sher Ghazi, Shah Zaman, Sultan Ayub, Shehbaz Khan, Farash Khan

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Islamabad, January 16: Millions of rupees are being wasted on photo sessions, while the people of Gojal valley await action on releasing water from the lake formed on Hunza River. The helicopter service is serving a selected few and the real affectees are being ignored by the rich and influential. If the lake  is not cleared thousands of people will live across the length of Hunza river.

These views were expressed during a press conference in Islamabad addressed by former member of district council, Shehbaz Khan, Numberdar of Gulmit – Gojal, Sultan Ayub, Subedar (r) Farash Khan of Ahmedabad and Kiramat Ullah, Saleem Ullah and others belonging to Ayeen Abad and Shishkat.

They criticized the present government for completely failing in bringing relief to the people of Gojal Valley. “A disaster like situation can be seen in Gojal valley because the region is disconnected from rest of the world. If water from the lake is not released immediately, the entire region would be devastated”, said Shehbaz Khan, while speaking at the press conference held at KPN office.

The speakers also demanded immediate opening of the Khunjrav Pass for transportation of food items and other essentials.

“The performance of present government amounts to zero”, said a speaker. “They are busy in photo sessions, distributing 20 KG bags of flour. It is a joke with the entire region”, he further said.

They also said that many bridges on the KKH would be destroyed by sudden release of water from the dam, if quick action is not taken.

Shehbaz Khan also said that he has used his personal contacts in China to inform them about the ensuing situation.

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  1. Please Mr Shahbaz dont use your personal contacts in China as we dont have any good experince. You have always used your contacts against the interest of our community.

  2. Really a tense situation for the community of Gojal especially to the people of Aynabad and shishkat who are living nearest to the river banks, immediate action is needed to release the water of the dame instead of cutting the trees and shifting the houses of the area.

  3. I think it is not the right place to have politics but to jointly think and make effort for the solution. Yes if Shabaz can contact to open Sino border, Why not… Why we criticize him then…. Every body should make effort in account of his amplitude. So please encourage each other to have rid of this problem.

  4. Shahbaz & othere please dont waste your “high valued” knowledge criticizing the government. If the Chinese border with the Khunjerab Pass opened the? Sense should be used, opening of blocked area is necessory and release of the water, then the KKH. we had experience of Shahbaz & Ghazani (disappeared) tenior…so keep silent is better.


  5. yes you are right. i never saw that Shahbaz uses his influences positively.

    Dont use your contacts. It is nice to hear good demand from your side.

  6. Dear all
    We the affecties of shishket and Ayeen abad are worry about the currant situation of raising the water level and wants to convey our massage to the authorities to release the water from the lake on urgent basis .
    We request from all our polititonz and parties, this iz not the right time to politicized thing, come together and work . If any social worker contributing his effort with any individual or any party plz don’t use this 4 political purpose .
    I request from all Gojalies to contribute ur efforts, come together and support to the government in this situation.

    thank you

  7. @ Mehboob,

    Please dont criticize those who really wants to do somthing for the people of Gojal /Hunza in this current crises situation. you are always critisizing the this family on PT and this the only job your are doing in your career, its better to rest for some time if the situation in our area would be good than again start practicing your favorite hobby (Critising Shoboz n Mir).
    on the other hand i was wondered to see in a local news paper that Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiate Shah (the two representative of Hunza) are visiting a library at Gilgit, what a way to accumulate the people.

    KHAN , Gojal

    1. dear khan, or what ever,,,, did u manage to sort the fellow trying to speak the truth on my name???????????????? me still waiting to see who was the one having no courage but trying to use a false identity. be brave sweetee and be honest if you really want to share your idea(s). do contact me on the following email add if you need any detailed assessment of any such issue; I can try my best to reply being a graduate from UK. dont be shy darling.

      Else, Mr. Mehboob, would u mind if I request you to come up with your true ID; no one is gonna kill you.

  8. @KHANO

    We are criticising as we have harsh memories and experiences with these people. They always use the people for their own vested interests and no more.

  9. Mr, Khano and Mehboob

    It is not the right time for politics. please stop these statements if Shehbaz wants to do some thing than what is the problem with you people. the water is entering in our lands and houses and CM is saying what a beautiful lake. Today every body is demanding for opening of China border why you are not demanding to release the water. the main problem is releasing of water.

  10. Dear All.

    its not right time to criticize each other.please join hands and contribute your effort to resolve the current situation of Gojal.its not a matter of a single village shishakat or Ayeenabad.the 30,000 population of Gojal valley r in trouble.There is scarcity of basic Necessities of life,think first about those Vallie’s which are cutoff from other cities due to lack of resources such as shimshal,Chupursen,Misgar etc How they will survive without basic necessities?
    the media is representing only Attabad Hunza..definitely there r in trouble but nw they are getting relief from different sources but the main thing is to point out that how the mass of Gojal surviving in current situation.
    therefore i request to the media representatives to highlight the main issues of 30,000 population of Gojal.and ask the authorities to fulfill the requirements at immediate basis..

  11. Dear Mehboob, could you kindly write your full name? I am confused because my name is also Mehboob and I am seeing all these things almost after a week because of having no internet access.

    many thanks

    Mehboob Aziz

  12. It is not the right time to criticize the govt, busy with the ongoing relief and rescue operation rather we need to contribute in what ever way we can in our personal as well as collectively to bring help and support to people who are in desperate need.

    We should welcome the help that is coming from anyone, be it Shahbaz or who ever. To me it is more important to fully support our institutions by helping them in a coordinated way to ensure that these relief efforts do really reach the real affectees only.

    We are proud to be part of a community who are well organized and we have to show to the world that we are the members of this dignified community with a very high ethical, moral, religious and cultural values.

    I would suggest my fellow commentators to exhibit and maintain these highest standards in your comments as well.


  13. The defeated elements have the only option to show their faces in the media to remain alive, otherwise they are long dead and buried, politically speaking.

    Nadeem, Gilgit

  14. This is not the time for politicising the issue and no argument and counter argument will help and neither it is time point scoring.
    The need of the hour is to seek Chinese assistance in getting the water released and reconstructing the road and the government must without further delay request the Chinese government to come up with its logistic comparable to the situation. There is neither equipment nor the necessary capability available in our country to respond to this unprecedented situation in short span of time. In a city like Islamabad, during the earthquake of 2005, there was no proper equipment available to evacuate the those underlying the rubble of Margala Tower and government had ask UK for necessary equipment and expertises. If this was the situation in the capital city then what can be the situation for a remote area?
    Further delay in release of water and rehabilitation of the road will multiply the problems of the area people. Therefore, Chinese assistance should be sought immediately.

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