Youth of Ghulkin form an organization in Gilgit

Press Release

Gilgit, April 27: A new youth body named Ghulkin Youths’ Association(GYA) has been formed in Gilgit for fostering “interaction between the youth and to promote and serve their intellectual, academic, social and recreational interests’.

According to information shared with Pamir Times office bearers of the association include President Karim Rehman, General Secretary Hameed ud Din, Joint Secretary Eng. Aziz Ali, Finance Secretary Sher Ahmed and Joint Finance Secretary Manzoor. 

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  1. We are very proud people and have many positive point as a society, and one of them is establishing and creating ASSOCIATIONS, FEDERATION, ORGANIZATIONS, etc. If we take look at our dynamic History we will be happy that we have able to make, almost 120 such setup in ever part of the country, just in the population of Gojal. Happy we. But
    Do we have to make such village level act or we need to be together at one platform. May be it will be more lucrative, adventurous to the community to have Shiskat Student Form (SSF) Gulmit Student Association (GSA) Gulkin Youth Association (GYA) Sisuni Student Association(SSA) PSA is their so what about making Yash vandan Student Association(YSA)Khayber Students Association(KSA) Galapan Youth Action Committee(GYAC), Moorkhun Youth Committee(MYC) and so with Gircha, Sosth, Sartiz, Nazimabad, Khudaabad, and five more in Chipurson, and two in Misghar, and one more in Shimshal.
    It will definitely bind us together for a better cause and progress and to cope up with al that we are facing today.
    To association and their creators

  2. There is one thing very interesting about youth of GB. They love to make youth bodies which eventually become political groups without a purpose. The reason is that there is no guidence for youngsters. The young minds easily get distracted from their true purose, which in my view is to get educated, hence end up in local politics.

    Look at it another way. Such bodies, with no charter or something, only divides people instead of brining them together on a single platform.

    The need of the time is that these youngster get proper guidence so as taht they stop wandering in the name of student bodies.

  3. congrate all the members of this youth association estabished at gilgit city …..really it was the need of our youth to bring them in one platforum and to teach them how to propound the massage of peace and unity ……being the president of Ghulkin Students Association karachi on behalfe of me and all my association members we are very for the great efforts of ghulkin youths….i hope and to pray that Imam of the time bless you people

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