[Video Reports] Gojal blocked and sinking


1. Destruction in Gulmit


2. Destruction in Shishkat


3. Construction of the spillway

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    We Must bring all Govt officials and local polticians and so called Pakistani Officials Who were or who are incharge of (GB) to Justice,We must start raising our voice from our Village level Starting from Mutabiat Shah,Wazir Baig,Gilgit D.C ,incharge NDMA,incharge FWO, 1st Governor Qamar Zaman Qaira to Court.

    Now its to time to teach them a Lesson.History will be Recorded for the great loss and for the negligence of our Authorities and Politicians’This is totally ” CRIMINAL”

    Its all their negligence and showing lack of intrests in this Emergency Situations

    They all Must brought to Justice and Must be HANGED.

    We STRONGLY Request for UNITY & PEACE for our GOJALIS and for Pray to face this EXAMs.May God save us and God Bless Us. AAMEEEN!

  2. What GAME these leaders have played to destroy Gojal is now comming to the surface .They should now resign by themselves otherwise this Nation is no more sleeping to teach them.Also those who backed these leaders in the time of distress for their personal motives should also be questioned.Every inch of our land is precious for us and every penny we have earned to make properties is at the expense of our blood.

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