Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

New photographs from Hunza Lake

A view of the lake from "Sarkhumvetk", showing submerged parts of Shishkat Payeen (Right). Gulmit can be seen in the distance. By Azeem (Passu)

12 thoughts on “New photographs from Hunza Lake

  1. It is quit shocking to watch Leitunent General Shahid Niaz on Express News saying that NDMA has reduced the threaten submerging about 50%. If NDMA has did so, Why we are sinking.
    I was quite optimistic about the government but now simply DAMN..IT……………

  2. @Sara
    We can’t stand before God’s will. But God has imparted everyone with intellect. By which we can change our challenges into opportunity. God has blessed everyone with embellished mind, It is now up to us how we gonna impart this knowledge in order to have the maximum benefits. How ever the human nature has this persistent quality to negate all these natural disasters. In order to do so one must keep this thing in his mind that the supreme power belongs to almighty.

  3. I just hope that the government opt for a proper solution of this piling crisis in time so that many lives can be saved and millions won’t get effected.

  4. Its heartbreaking to see the place under water that we saw with our own eyes 2years back.Lets hope our govt puts 100% efforts this time to avoid complete disaster & save our brothers & sisters.

  5. I have to wait six hours for safty jakeck when i was going to Gojal, there are police and local adminstration to stop people to on board without jeckt but there no jecket at all. when coming back from Gojal, two big boats ware joint togather and around 50 people on board at that boat wihout jecket, govt boats are parked there without fuel, there are only traders boats helping the commuters.

    FWO progress is ze0000000000000

    video clips of the sinking Gojal.

    1. The Country has a civil government now, which has experts, equipment worth millions , and hundreds of jialas to sort out such matters. Why are we again looking towards the Army and also blaming them?


  7. i have spent some time with mighty mountains , these sky kissing tops are really stone hearted and when blended with water is really
    the matter of terror for dwellers. i can feel the thundering noise of land-sliding, the roaring gush of water.theses all developments
    are so symbolic for human beings. a couple of weeks ago the volcano ashes and now the hunza lake, these are really the mysterious
    questions. now man has to determine his status. v are nothing ,mere the creatures of a filthy drop.lets pray to Allah and seek his for-
    givness,because He Himsaelf has declared that the man is weak. so v r weak and Allah Almighty You are powerful. save the innocent one save , save you.
    Best regards;
    ilyas babar awan

  8. The people of Hunza have been struggling for relief since January 4. This landslide has severe implications for life in Atta Abad as the supply of food, medicines and other essentials items are scarce. The literacy rate in Gojal is 100 per cent and the source of income is agriculture including the cultivation of potatoes. It will take decades to reform the land, build the houses and restart agriculture work.

    Moreover, the education and health systems have been battered. Schools are also submerged under water and children are getting education in tents. I would like to ask the federal government as to why they didn’t take any immediate action after the landslide. Why did they wait for the water to overflow?

    Why didn’t they give this project to China that was already working with FWO for the extension of the KKH?

    The sufferings could have been minimised by taking timely decision to release water from the lake and minimising risks downstream. We appreciate the work and prompt response of the AKDN organisation, including FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance for their services and the relief efforts for the affected people in Hunza.

    The government should help out IDPs by providing them with food, shelter, medicines and assurances that their children will continue to receive education. They should immediately identify appropriate land to transfer the affected people and create plans to restore the necessary infrastructure.

    Afzal Qutoshi
    (Altit Hunza)

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