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Attabad residents shifted to tents

Gilgit, March 18:  Over 25 families threatened by landsliding and shifting of land topography in Attabad area of Hunza valley have been shifted to makeshift tents. Members of the affected families told Dawn that they were passing through very difficult and miserable parts of  life in the tents while their land and other belongings remained at risk.

The local authorities have declared the area dangerous for living. Portions of the village land, perched on a cliff, started shifting after the October 2005 earthquake.

“Our land, livestock and belongings are under direct threat and we need protection and help from the government,” a resident of the locality said.

The affected people of the area appealed to the federal government to take notice of the situation and provide them alternative place for permanent settlement. DAWN

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  1. Thanks for all Pamir News Managemet members , Technicals and Reporters to Highlight the problem of Atta Abad Hunza

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