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Three dead children born within two weeks at Gulmit hospital

by Nur

Gulmit, June 15: Three dead infants were born, on different dates, at the Aga Khan Health Services Center, Gulmit, during the last two weeks. According to reports three mothers gave birth to dead children having black patches on their bodies, during the past two weeks. Although not a “unique” phenomena in the region, the causes of these deaths inside the mother’s womb remain unexplored, or unexplained.

Public circles have demanded that proper research shall be conducted in order to ascertain the reasons and to initiate programs for educating mothers about precautions they need to take, during pregnancy. 

A practitioner at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, opined that these deaths could be caused by improper diet taken by the mothers. She, however, said that nothing can be said with certainty as causes of death might differ from case to case.      

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  1. really a sad news for the community where facilities of health
    is available to every one ,every body knows that how to
    prevent these type of problems ,should research and know the causes of problem and need to educate our women through health awareness session and programmes .this ratio is very high in two weeks government health departmant and aga khan health services should work on it

    meherban karim
    Grants officer
    NRSP-USAID Health project
    Bagh AJK

  2. Dear All,
    After having the dissastrous news about the death of the three innicoent lives at Aga Khan Healhth Services (Unit at Gulmit Centre), the provision of scientific evidence will be helpful for further investigation and propmt action. I am sure this evidence will not let us combat any legal issues.

    Please be comfortable to discuss within few days as I am going to put the issue to the high ups of the organizations.

    Dr. Sher Aziz
    Project Manager,FMIA, Northern Areas,

  3. Dear All,

    Very sad news to listen. However- Endorse my suggestions as:

    -Befor going on detail medical & scientific investigations- I request to the institutions (Govt. & Imamati) to play their roles. What the supplier are delivering in village shopes- need a detail analysis.

    I am 150% sure that there are faults in all the eatable items all over in Gilgit-Baltistan and specially Hunza Vally.
    -In this regard the volunteer set-up i.e. everyRegional & Local Councils and specially Mukhi and Kamadia of all villages need to come forward and play their role.

    Data of all the suppliers and supplied items sample need a complete laboratry accessment with all scientific required informations.

    If these deaths continue in this way what are the benifits of the respective institutions. I humbly request to the imamati institution, welfare organizations of all villages to stepahead and investigate the actual reasons.

    Few of the Suppliers have a very bad reputions in urban areas of the country and they are the main supplier of eatable items in Gilgit-Baltistan. We allways well come them! but not at the cost of our generation.

    -It was really a shocking news for me on PT. We all are with them morally who brings the actual facts on PT time. We ll support them on all form.

  4. very sad news indeed i totaly agree with the openion of Dr Sher Aziz that the issue must be discussed with the higher authorities of the orgnization that would be batter to find the salution for the such cases all the peramedic and concern peoiple can put thier contribution to discuss it soon and raise the awareness among people about the recent problem….

    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani Foundation ECD Program

  5. It is harsh to know that such kind of deaths are happening in this modern era of education and facilities.these cases need to be studied carefully and solution sought for them to prevent them in future.i would humbly request our very talented medical studients studying in different universites in Pakistan to take these as a Case Study and generate a report as these students are mostly in Gojal on their summe vacations. Through this report we can educate our population about risks and safety measures.Besides the above cases there are nowadays many health issues in our area which also need to studied and the causes unvieled.

    Sher Khan

  6. Dear PT team,

    I am shocked by the above news of pre-natal deaths of three.

    I have a very complex opinion about it.

    1. It could be of hard work oriented ( as villagers do in our area)?
    2. Could be of inadequate medications at the pre-natal stage?
    3. Could be of an inadequate food consumed by (our modern?) mums.
    4. Could be of (unorthodox practices?) generally of an honour motivated to abandonned the guilt?
    5. Could be of an agressive origin?
    6. Could be of an environmental origin?
    But for sure, something is missing somewhere and is very difficult to pin poit at this stage even after the medical analysis.
    The only thing to prevent these kind of mishaps is through the awareness. An awareness to a total scientific knowledge ????
    I am sure it’ll take a very long long time to aware the people of their perfect needs and rights of as a humanbeing. Be it social, economical, political, religical or educational?

    Yar Khan

  7. Ref: Pre-birth dead Babies in Family Health Centre, Gulmit,Gojal

    Soon after reading this shocking news on PT. I contacted Ms. Shazia Waheed, the chairperson of the Aga Khan Local Health Board, Gulmit. She said that unluckily, within 2 weeks they have seen 4 similar cases in the said health centre.

    In order to disclose the root causes of the incidents, a team of the The Aga Khan Health Services, Pakistan has visited the health centre in which the incidents occurred. The team also visited the concerned families and has collected some primary information about the pre-birth dead babies.

    The chairperson further said that;
     According to the available records all 4 mothers, soon after conceiving the babies, where regularly visiting the family health centre, Gulmit for routine check-up.
     The physical developments of the 3 babies were normal and there was no complication, although in one out of four the report was showing abnormally in the baby before birth and the mother was referred to Aliabad for further treatment.
     Eventually, all the mothers were gone through CT scan in Hunza and Gilgit and the results for mothers and three babies were normal according to doctors and available report.
     All deliveries were made in normal condition without any complication, while the blood pressure of 2 mothers during the delivery was recorded very high.
     Vaccines were given to all 4 mothers.

    She further said that in order to avoid this kind of loses in future; medical investigation / research will be carried out if the families will cooperate with the organization.

    Abdul Waheed

  8. Waheed, Thank you very much for the detailed information regarding this shocking tragedy, if all the development of the babies in their mother’s womb were normal (as your comments suggests) during the long 9 months and they have visited the Health centers regularly, the question is What went wrong? where was the problem? based on these information there should be a thorough medical investigation to minimize such incidents in the future.


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