Federal Communication Minister visits Attabad lake barrier

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  1. Our GB speaker(streaker) shame on you man.What was the sin of Gojal people that you have not yet taken a step to rescue the affected people…i think thats the reward of their high value votesssssss?

  2. just a visit ,nothing will change from this visit . they are just showing there faces,and where is the dancing CM of GB?

  3. I think we should not put stone to visitors, beacuse this is not our calture. We respect all persons comming to Hunza. We should report our grevencies in gentle manner and this is the our right. (GM)

    1. bai sahab jahan Bat ki zarorat hoti hay wahan bat theek hay laikin jahan Laat ki zarorat hoti hay wahan Laat he sahi hay

  4. The lake engulfing our hamlets by every passing second but calculations of rocket sciences and briefings are seems not ending-

  5. ye jo banda qabar pay Dua mag Raha hay, kia ye hakomat pakistan or gilgit Baltistan ko Duain Nahi day raha hoga, shram ani chahiay is hakomat ko. 4 maheene tak to in ko pata be nahi chala k kia ho raha hay, abi is ko media pay itna uchaal rahay hain. in ko tab ana chahiay tha jab jeel ban raha tah, sir pay aya to ab chilla rahay hain

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