Gojal Emergency Relief Fund established

The fund has been established by professionals belonging to Gojal Valley. They have requested Local Councils for Gojal to oversee the fund and account.

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  1. Dear Pamir
    All the names of the people involed in this act, and why the local council is involved in this matter, what was their previous role, what they have doen up till now.

  2. GOD helps those who help themselves….I am sure the generous people of Gilgit-Baltistan, particularly the professionals and business community of Hunza-Gojal would contribute to this effort to help their brothers and sisters in the rehabilitation process.


  3. Is there also BIC and SWIFT code for this account for international transfers??

  4. Right decision at the right time. my family will be the first to donate for this cause. I will request the manager “The First Microfinance Bank” sost branch through this platform to transfer one month rent of banks building (which is our property) to this account, and I really appreciate the suggestion of local council’s involvement.

    Imam Panah & family
    Gircha Gojal

  5. Good initiative indeed but the following five points come in mind at once.
    1. What would be the level of damages after Lake Outburst?
    2. Has any need assessment survey been done before?
    3. Who would ensure transparency and accountability?
    4. What would be the criteria for fair and equitable distribution of funds among the beneficiaries?
    5. Who would monitor the relief, recovery and rehabilitation of affected people?

    Please glance through the [Opinion] Rebuilding Gojal Valley by Pamiri published on PT dated May 15, 2010. He has pointed out a thought provoking discussion about rebuilding Gojal. A multi dimensional strategy is required for rebuilding Gojal valley.

    In my personal opinion, a coordinated emergency relief fund needs to be established. I hope within few days government will also establish an emergency relief funds for the people of Gojal. Different political parties have already started sending the donations. Many donations/pledges are expected in coming few days. All donations must be made centralized and there must not be any ambiguity. Let’s think about the said points first before taking any step towards relief, recovery and reconstruction.

    1. ” What would be the level of damages after Lake Outburst?”

      Google “1858”, “Pakistan”, “Flood” altogether to find out as the same case happened 152 years ago.

      In case of a sudden lake outburst, the damages could be dramatic, far beyond to what happens in Gojal. The huge wave of water, rocks and mud would tumble down all the way ’til Tarbela dam and everything in the Hunza & Indus bassin would simply be wiped out. people, settlements, biodiversity, KKH, bridges, everything will be gone, and in case Tarbela dam couldn’t withstand the huge force of the giant wave, well…, I let you imagine the total disaster. Due the actual very low water level at Tarbela reservoir, the mud wave could also plug and destroy the dam’s turbines, depriving Pakistan of its main source of electricity.
      The Attabad lake is potentially a threat to what remains of Pakistan’s stability and unity, a threat to Pakistan’s very own existence. It’s all that simple.

      May Allah protect the people of Hunza & Indus valleys, May Allah protect Pakistan.

  6. Dear Javeed Posh,
    Thanks kindly call uncle for giving us cheque for the amount.

    Sost Branch

  7. Dear Evelyn,

    Kindly make a draft from any Pakistani Bank Branch operating near to your residence for this account number and title and send to us we will clear here with in no time.


    Rehmat Karim
    Branch Manager

    1. Dear Rehmat Karim,
      Can you be more specific about your answer to Evelyn’s post about international transfers? I am sure many people (foreigners) who visited Gojal and Hunza would love to contribute something but they don’t have a Pakistani Bank branch available in their country from where to send a draft… how can we help from abroad?
      Best regards,

  8. my brohers n sisters lets embark on making our homeland even more beautiful than itwas before.a day will come INSHALL when our dream come true.Ameeen.WHAT we just need is UNITY.!!!LETS WORK TOGATHER IN EVERY CAPACITY…

  9. Gud effort for the affectees and i dnt knw if the gov. hs planned ny fund raising campaign. Also , Its quit possible tht after the lake outburst, in dwnstream mny ppl be affected too.

    1. Indeed, in case of a sudden lake outburst, the destruction in Gojal would be nothing compared to what it would be downstream.

  10. I like this pragmatic initiative in helping the affected people of our Motherland…….and i am donating my contribution rightaway…May Allah give us the strength to overcome the effects of this devastating natural disaster….and this is the right approach to move forward!!!!!!!!

  11. We are only the spectators to the MADARIS, be it NDMA, AKDN and vice versa??? We need to think again and again for our sustainable survival through our own potential geographic, demographic and socio-economic parameters to tape exactly the challenges and solutions hereinafter. We need no aid, no bargaining for our better survival, but it’ll take……..some consciousness to organize ourselves to address our core issues of life, not the paradise after death—because no one knows about that. Please get out of the superstition and look around the logic and facts.

  12. All lover,s of Gojal,

    As you know little drop,s of water makes a big ocean. So pay evey penny to save Gojal. it is the time to contribute, and lets rebuilt our motherland more beatifull then before.

  13. This is indeed a good step.I request those responsible for the fund to kindly make the details public after every 15 days so that the public retains a trust in its transpracy,as well it will encourage people to contribute to it.
    For God sake dont make it run under any politician or religious organization which you have mentioned.This is not their mandate as they themselves say.


  14. Kindly send sms of account title to all your friends as many as you can I have send to 800 people all over Pakistan, local council’s involvement is very Important.

  15. this step is really appreciable…but some questions arise about TRANSPARENCY of these donations,funds, that
    who is going to distribute these funds and in what form(money or good)?
    whether these donations will reach to the deserving effecties of this catestrophy?
    definitely people would like answers of these questions…
    may ALLAH help us and give strength to bear these losses bcz of this disaster…AAMEEM

  16. Nice effort, but this is Pakistan and involving the people form the council, what are they all from the heaven, are they all pious washed with milk from heaven, please people don’t be ignorant and selfish regarding transparency , we know all of them for generations, and how they are sitting in those offices.
    Pamir times, request please mentions all the names of the people involved with the account at the First Microfinance Bank, Sosth. Please publish more details, why are the people afraid to be published.
    And to the people, involve please don’t make it like different account that where used during Kashmir crises. If not billion, hundred of million will come, not form nobles but from people with low income, because they have the heart to act generously.
    Who ever is involving all have the right to ask of their details.
    Best of luck

  17. i have posted on my blog hope people will help to rehabiltate the mother land; GOD save gilgit Baltistan.
    little drop’s of water makes a big ocean Think on it sure you will help the jannat nazeer wadi.(heaven valley).

  18. Dear All,
    Keeping in view the on ground situation please Online your Donations from any branch of The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd. it will reach us in a limited time we will let you know the facts and figures later on and every thing will be click away from you as far as the transparancy is concern. simple is there is a front management (Volunteer Corps.) is backing by Council, ITREB, and Mukhi and there are professionals we are in contact with the donners and with you.

    We hope you will contribute as much as you can for this noble cause

    Rehmat Karim
    Gojal Emergency Relief Fund

  19. A very good initiative by the professionals of Gojal. In fact we are now aware that the government is unwilling to help us in this disaster and we have been neglected. What is required now is to help ourselves on our own. Everyone must market this EMERGENCY FUND in his/her own capacity in order to cater to the needs of the volunteers assisting the affectees.
    Our society has given us an advantage over others in the form of volunteerism and civil society participation. Hundreds of volunteers have rallied around to help the affectees from as far as Chipurson and Shimshal. Since the affected people are not in a sound financial position to arrange for the dining of these volunteers, this emergency relief fund is an excellent initiative in this respect.
    Criticizing our Jamati institutions is not a good sign, because our Jamati institutions have made us capable to help ourselves through volunteerism and civil society participation. We respect our institutions and are ready to extend every support to them.
    I would thank the pioneers of this initiative, since they have taken the lead to help the people in a pragmatic way, and everyone must support them and further this cause instead of criticizing them or our institutions.

  20. A good initiative and hope we will combinely built our paradise by putting efforts.
    Please make things more and more transparent to ensure the proper utilization of the funds.This is our moral obligation to contribute and to make efforts in makings things come out of the mystifying situation…..

    Lets join hands and contribute towards this noble cause.

    Aslam Ghalib

  21. Dear Rahmat Karim,

    kindly post swift code of the relief fund on Pamir Times to make international transaction possible.


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