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AHAC rally in Nasirabad attracts hundreds, the movement is on

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Hunza, September 18: A protest public rally called by the All Hunza Action Committee attracted hudnreds of people from the Shinaki belt, demanding additional constituency for Hunza valley in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

A banner by AHAC displayed in Aliabad Hunza
A banner by AHAC displayed in Aliabad Hunza

Speakers highlighted the issues faced by people of Hunza valley due to under – representation in democratic bodies in the face of increased population. They demanded additional general seat for they valley, on urgent basis. Critics have termed the current announcement by the interim governor for two reserved seats as a delaying tactic. 

Let’s remind the readers that Attiqa Ghazanfar held a reserved seat, during the previous government, apart from the general seat won by her husband, Ghanzafar Ali Khan. No major issue of the region was resolved during this period, despite of the increased representation.  

On this occasion leaders of the action committee announced that the next rally would be held in Karimabad, on September 25.

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  1. I fully support the HHAC in their demand for the seat. I am however confused that Atiqa is the main sponsor of these protests and press confernces. Every one knows that these so called Couples held the highest position and influnces but never favoured the seat. Now when they are out of the seat they finances the nationalists and others to protest. Mir also blamed nationalist for taking money from outsides (India) but now pushing them to chant anti state slogans. What he wants to get out of all these …i am confused. The HHAC people in press conferences in Gilgit also demanded reinstatement of Hunza State and threatened for civil disobedience and forceful occupation of Dry Port and Government Offices in Hunza.

    Hunza holds a historic position in the great game…the very educated people of Hunza should not take every thing very straight. Analyse it in every dimension so to not loose things for a seat.

  2. thiz iz the right of people of hunza and the protests should be one point aganda in the ralleyes some people are making the compain of elections through these the problems may be created between the AHAC so we are urged to the leaders be honest and struggle for our rights

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