PM visiting Hunza today

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Gilgit, May 21: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is scheduled to visit the calamity hit Hunza Valley today, as the lake drama tormenting thousands across the region nears an uncertain end.

High security measures have been put in place in Gilgit city, especially around the Gilgit airport. Barbed fence of the air strip has been covered with Shamyana to make the interior invisible.

Heavy contingents of police, Rangers and Northern Scouts have been deployed in the city for protection of the PM.

It is pertinent to note that this is the premier’s second visit of Gilgit – Baltistan. First he had come to win support for the PPP candidates during general election campaigns.

The local people have said that prime minister should have visited the region earlier. Many think that this visit may not be able to bring any relief to the people besieged by a lake for the past five months.

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  1. Its disgusting. Why is the Prime Minister arriving today? For a last minute photo session before the lake outburst? or to satisfy his own ego for not visiting earlier? He might as well stay in Islamabad. This too little too late policy by the administration will not only add to the miseries of the people but also make them realise who they voted for. Certain questions should be asked of the Government, including our beloved Speaker and CM.

    1.) Why wasn’t the contract work of the spillway awarded to the Chinese, keeping in mind their resolve to complete their task at hand on time and according to requirement?

    2.) Why did it take almost three months for the Government to declare Gojal as calamity hit?

    3.) Why has the President not visited the troubled region yet?

    4.) Why is the Prime Minister visiting the lake days before a potential water bomb?

    5.) What compensation will be provided to the people at a time when the Government itself is struggling to make financial ends meet?

    6.) Is Gen. Farooq being questioned for making false committments on behalf of the FWO to the people?

    There are many more questions but my tea is getting cold and i’d rather enjoy the warm tea than indulge in the dirty politics of this area, who’s citizens are third rate “Pakistanis”.

    God Bless.

  2. Mr. Hunzai i think remaining question are more important than tea, just kiding. The questions you have raised are not neglible. Now see how much PM will sucess to make fool the innocent people of Hunza specially Gojal.

  3. Welcome come Mr. Gillani to the paradise, which has almost submerged in the artificial lake due to your government’s kindness and sincerity with the people of Hunza. I really do not know why are you visiting Hunza today where the lake is about to burst and destroy everything in the area. Where were you and your government when the people were asking for help and your administrations were threatening them to put them in the jail? I must say your federal and local government is responsible for this man made disaster.

  4. These people visits make the life of depress people more miserable.They are only interested in making photo sessions.Now being an educated society of GB we should make a code of conduct to restrict these visits and making unnecessary photo sessions.Only for these photo sessions they did nothing for last five months.The photo sessions will project our mothers n sisters in miserable situations.I request all our youth to come forward and make some practical plan in this direction.

  5. i guess the main purpose of visiting our region by mr.Gallani is to enjoy boating in 23km lake.i guess he want to go back tarbala dam free of cost with the burst debris ,

  6. bari dyar ki meharbaan ate ate—————–why is he visiting now? i think the Prim minister wana see how it looks when the Dan brusts,so that he captures the movement in his cell phone

  7. Our leaders are waking up now after pushing the situation from bad to worse. As prviously his visit was cancelled to many friends suggested that instead of making public appeariance they should spend all these expenditures on effectees. As till now the effectees of Atta Bad Ayeen Abad Gulmit Ghulkin and hussaini they didn’t receive a single pany from our so called Govt. Secondly if he is visiting then our public should show them their agents false statements and promises which they made right from the begining of the disaster to till now. pubic should ask him that why they did negligencies in thier duties

    Ali Masud

  8. Zardari, Gilani and all other politicians who could have done something, but have chosen to watch the disaster unfold, are nothing but traitors to Pakistan, and should be treated as such, period. Their goal is only to fill their pockets & serve those foreign powers who would like to see the dismantling of Pakistan.

    Just like what happened in Haïti a few months ago, the US army (and Blackwater & other private armies) might pour in, for “humanitarian reasons”, with all the consequences we can imagine.

    May Allah protect Pakistan

  9. good questions raised by Ali Aman………………. but i would say that one thing is good that the ‘dako’ has not visited the region yet and neither he should……… we don’t want him to visit our area.
    We should not complain why the PM is visiting now as the govt has its priorities and on top of which is to multiply the miseries of the people and visiting at the eleventh hour with such ‘fear’ the PM is well fulfilling it, as large number of security personals will be engaged who otherwise had been helping in relief work currently going on with the IDPs shifting.
    shame on him and his govt!!

  10. Dear sweet readers and specially country men
    PM visit, don’t take it serious and why he is coming that just a usual visit, to spent few million of our Tax money. So let him enjoy, he is the PM.
    He is here to say, Allz well and few GA Butto , and some slogan , few fake announcement and many promises and few comment and two or three notices, and one transfer of an official, he is not here for you or for help. Just to enjoy, This Pakistan, and we love Politicians.
    Cant you see what Wazir Baig (Sahib) and our soft, gentle, educated and caring Mutabyath Shah has done, he is the same and these two of our leaders will be standing beside him once again in front you all. So relax, don’t take his coming or going seriously.

  11. Well, better late than never. Nothing would have changed if he had come earlier and so is now, so there is no need to complain on delay in coming. And who knows this may be Gillani Sahib’s last visit to the area as PM……….

  12. much ado about nothing

    everyone is too busy feathering
    their nests

    such token jaunts pleasure trips
    add salt to wounds when the visitors
    blow their trumpets
    about political achievements
    instead of dealing with the disaster
    at hand

    even the fellows distributing
    charity in the name of aid
    have a political
    not humanitarian angle

    The AKRSP would have been
    the best organisation to oversee
    relief rescue rehabilitaion

  13. hey… yeA sb kuch nahe karne waley hai, saree tarki loog hai,

    tm gilgiti loog asaal ma bohot sada loog ho, matlaab bohot pyare bandhee ho 🙂 (aik dham shareef ho tm loog) 🙂

    sindhi loogoon se kuch tho seek lo, hehe, 🙂 Zardarii no1 topiii :):)

  14. PM bechara apne liye kuch nai karsakta aap logoon k liye kya kare gaa yaar….woh tu zordari ka papu hai….he heeeeeeeeeeeee

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