[Pictory] IDP camps in Gilgit region

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  1. From the picture posted above, the Jutal camp seems to have been set up on very unstable land, who choose this dangerous place ???

  2. The Al Azhar College IDP camp near Gilgit, for the people of Chilmisdas, seems to be in a very hazardous location.
    If you look at it in high resolution satellite imagery, it looks like, in the worst case, peak flood could very well overtop the riverbed cliffs nearby.
    According to Professor David Petley’s report at, the 1858 Salmanabad landslide dam collapse reportedly produced a peak flood height of 10 – 20 m above peak summer flow at Gilgit. He recommends a probable safe level of 60 m above the low flow river level.
    I hope the persons in charge can be made aware of this in time.
    Best wishes to all the potentially affected people.
    Jean-Guilhem Cailton

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