Satellite image of the lake taken on May 25

Source: NASA

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  1. It is with great admiration for the brave people in Hunza and Gojal region that I am following the struggle for their homes and for their land against the waters since weeks. My thoughts are with all affected and endangered people, and I hope sincerely for an outcome which is not too desastreous during the next hours and days.
    Good luck for all from far away!
    Peter Ochojski Dietenheim Germany

  2. salam
    i cannot express , what i am feeling in words. still if i can be of any help .
    please keep the latest POSTED here hourly ,so that we remain informed ……about the disaster

  3. I have been following this disaster unfold since I learned about it on Aljazeera. I have become very fond of the region of Hunza and Northern Pakistan by viewing lots of videos on the web and looking in Google Earth.
    I haven’t seen any recent updates on Youtube though, and am wondering if the government is still blocking access to YouTube. “Khunjerab” used to post frequent updates for Pamir Times. What is going on with the videos now the water is overflowing?
    I hope the water goes down to its normal level and villagers can return to their homes and fields and repair the damage without too much loss. My best wishes to all.

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